• The story for Rodea the Sky Soldier is one that as silly as the production and the troubled history this game possesses. This title originally began as a Wii title, then it was held back to be made into a 3DS versions which would then be the basis for the Wii U game. Now the Wii U game is not bad, its enjoyable and has some merits to it. This 3DS version also has some merits but sadly they are few and far in between. Some titles work well with 3, Rodea the Sky Soldier does not.


    The plot see us playing as the lead character, he saved his kingdom a millennium ago. It the process of doing so however he is thrown forward in time and the evil that he thought he defeated is back. The main aim is to destroy four Chronos Towers. Destroying these towers gives us boss battles and so on. This is basically a game where the lead character flies and hits targets on screen. So for me the most important aspect should be the flight controls.

    Ideally i would need a smooth flight but intuitive and easy controls to allow for great aiming and good delivery of timed button presses. You navigate using the circle pad and then press A to launch us at the target. Now this throws up red flags all over the place as there are too many walls you hit. The camera goes into a fit and doesn’t go where you want it to. The confusing thing is that you can’t use the touchscreen to control the camera. Many times I aimed for the top of the platform to find myself under it or nowhere near it. Combat is a similar story, when you fire yourself at enemies you press the B button to execute combos. This is good and if you had a chance to build momentum then its fine.

    Another issue is that when there are two or three objects on the screen the frame rate drops and everything becomes a 1990’s game. The boss battles themselves are sadly another instance where the camera is a great hindrance. The bosses are huge and many times I lost track of where I was in relation to the body part I was aiming for on the boss. The premise is easy enough. Aim for weak points and kill them. It’s much harder to do however.

    Rodea the Sky Solider is sadly a victim of circumstance, it had the potential to be a good game. The 3D aspect and the idea of flying around is a good one. The execution sadly was rushed and what we end up with is a game that’s broken in terms of camera and sadly this is a big stumbling block for me. Graphically its ok but could have been a lot smoother and better to look at. There are genuine times of fun in this title but you have to look real hard for them. Try it and see if this is what you want, probabaly not though.

    Rodea The Sky Soldier- Review
    A game with promise but fails to deliver
    Our Score5
    • Big worlds to explore
    • Camera is terrible
    • Large frame rate drops
    5Overall Score
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