• Rollers of the Realm is an interesting concept. Pinball-RPG hybrids are rare, and perhaps with good reason. This game could have been a contender for a good example, but design choices make it a weak experience.

    The game starts off telling the story of the first character, the Rogue. Soon after you are thrown into a pinball table, with your avatar being represented as a ball. Soon after you will run into more characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Knight can destroy obstacles and do more damage overall than other characters. They can even use mana to make the pit save fallen balls from being taken out of commission. The healer can heal the main paddle’s health bars. The Rogue can deal extra damage to enemies from behind, and summon her dog, which acts as an aggressive ball that easily damages enemies, and also functions like a multi-ball. Later on, you will run into other characters, or hire some more extra classes. They also function as your lives. Instead of racking up a score, the board gimmicks give you either money, mana or experience. Money can be used in the shop to boost your character’s stats. Once you have a sufficient party level, you can buy some extra characters.

    Gameplay is fun, but the game very quickly becomes difficult without some skill or serious grinding and this is where the game fumbles. Grinding for more experience or money can be a trying endeavor as failing any level results in losing all earned money or experience. You can’t really hope to make much progress in this manner. Not to mention the older levels give less earnings than the first time around. There is an arena mode to somewhat get around this, but the earnings are harder to obtain for little yield. Maybe a difficulty select or a better balance of enemy strengths would have helped, but there is no such luck here. Another thing that would have been nice is the ability to stock mana charges. The way the mana usage works is that you can only hold enough mana for one spell or revive at a time, with no way to stock up on multiple uses. This forces players to play a gamble with when to use or save the one charge that they have.

    Another thing is that boards are often dark, and the auxiliary flippers are sometimes hard to see. On the Vita this is especially a problem. Framerate on the PS4 version is better overall though. The music is just there to be there, and is generic fantasy music. Voice acting is much in the same way, just being there, but serviceable. There is cross-buy functionality to the game, so of course it’s great that it has cross-saving as well. Visuals of the game also are a bit bland. Once again they work, but they are nothing special. While the concept of this game is interesting, it suffers a bit from balance and lighting issues. It’s as if they got the pinball part down, but the RPG was tacked on, and not really followed through well. The steep difficulty and uneven gameplay guarantees that only the masochistic, patient, and skilled will be willing to endure this game in it’s current state. Perhaps one day after some titles updates, that might change, but today isn’t that day.

    Rollers of the Realm - Review
    An interesting hybrid of RPG and a pinball game, but it's execution on the RPG side is hampered by not letting players progress in their grinding.
    Our Score6
    • The concept is interesting.
    • The RPG portion feels half-baked.
    • The colors are dark and designs are a bit bland.
    6Overall Score
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