• There a bunch of different RPG Maker console releases over the years, but the last time one came to the West, it was for the PlayStation. It was also pretty bad, being extremely limited, and pretty ugly. Also, without a real means of sharing your works with others(those created games ate that memory card space), the concept was too ahead of it’s time. But now in 2017, RPG Maker Fes seeks to fix this issue, along with a much need visual update. But this is likely the first time that the game was available on a handheld. And while it’s come a long way, it feels more like a novelty.

    The game actually comes in two programs. The main program that you get with the game which is the RPG Maker itself. You can set tiles, sound FX, music, and sprites from a small pool of presets. You can download more presets, which range from free to paid DLC. Much like the other RPG Maker programs, the editor is bare bones, with no tutorial on how to best utilize the tools it gives you. You’ll have to read the manual to the game, which is a bit annoying since it’s an e-manual. Having to flip through the home screen to the manual is time consuming, and makes me lament and crave for the days of printed manuals. The only other concession that you get is the function of a selected tile or marker. Actual events like battles reveal that the battle system is only one kind, being that of a framework of Dragon Quest style perspective, with portraits of enemies and nothing fancy like Final Fantasy styles being represented. You also can only attack, use skills, magic, or defend, run, or use items. Pretty basic stuff, but there’s always the option of making a game without combat, much like Corpse Party or To the Moon.

    The graphics for the game are like a super deformed version of the previous RPG Maker VX for the PC. Character sprites are short and stumpy looking, but they look decent at least. There is also no way to do anything fancy like having voice acting or use videos, but the sound effects and music are serviceable. The second program in the game is the RPG Maker Fes Player, which lets you download and play the games that others have made. This is likely the biggest reason to get the main program, as you not only need it to use this app, but also because seeing what others can do is endlessly interesting. But at the end of the day, RPG Maker Fes lacks the amount of creator control seen in other programs and even it’s PC brethren. Otherwise, this portable iteration of the long running game creation tool is mostly a novelty.

    RPG Maker Fes - Review
    This handheld iteration of the long running RPG Creation program is much better than what we have seen on consoles but it still doesn't hold a candle to the PC versions or other game creation programs.
    Our Score6
    • The gameplay doesn't seem have the framerate issues seen in most RPG Maker VX based games.
    • Downloading created content is easy and relatively quick.
    • Still very much limited in what you can do.
    6Overall Score
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