• With autumn coming round to always time for the Autumn International is in rugby. Rugby 18 is the newest game out and from the presentation point of you it’s pretty amazing. It’s very unlikely that casual gamers will buy this unless they are rugby fans. With that being said this is a pretty fun game to play if you can work around some of the inconsistencies and glitches.


    Rugby 18 has all the official licenses, which means all of the players, teams and even sponsors are present. Teams in car included from the English premiership as well as international teams national teams and if you buy them the British and Irish Lions. Probably the best place to start is the career mode. Here you take charge of a team build the players and win championships nothing new but for a rugby game it’s good to be able to start out slow and build to bigger things. There is actually quite a lot of game time in this mode and there is a lot of gaming here if you choose to look for it.

    There is also an option called my squad this is basically the FIFA ultimate team, this is a mode where you can make a dream team of all the places that you like and take on the rest. Controls here are fluid after a while. I would highly suggest going through the tutorials because if you don’t you will be completely lost when you come to play the game. Every single button on the controller has been mapped and once you understand what they mean it can be a pretty quick game.

    If you’re a rugby fan then rugby 18 really looks amazing. The artificial intelligence is pretty clever here and to get around them your need tactics, you need to actually understand how to get a try and what you need to do. There is quite a lot of realism here and if you’re not a fan of rugby you will get bored very quickly. Just with a real rugby game you need to grind a lot to win.

    Most of the time you will be in rucks or scrums, this is most of the fun in rugby to try and gain ground and move forward to the opponents try line. If you’re using this for a pick up and play game then you won’t like it as it’s very technical. You need real skill to be able to play this game and there is a great amount of satisfaction to be had when you score a try. Just a quick note on the licensing as it covers the teams and the players but strangely enough not the stadium. The stadiums are called stadium to and stadium three instead of the real names just takes a little bit away from the realism but it’s not a big issue.

    Altogether if you enjoy watching rugby or playing rugby tennis is a good game to buy. If you find rugby boring this will most likely be the exact same it’s very realistic and has a lot of tactics on it with a friend it can be fun but again you both need to understand rugby otherwise you’re just be conceding penalties and be getting bored. Give it a try you might actually like it.

    Rugby 18- Review
    a decent rugby game but great presentation.
    • All the licenses
    • Not great if you're not a rugby fan
    6.5Overall Score
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