• Most follow ups to entries in the Warriors series are usually expansions with the Legends label, but this time Omega Force and Koei-Tecmo have decided to make an actual sequel to an entry. The result is something that is more refined and adds some more story to the game. That is a plus in my book.

    The game is set up much like any other Warriors game, with a Story Mode, Free Mode, Survival Mode, and custom character creation. Story Mode has decided to focus more on the characters than the factions that they belong to, making it altogether more interesting, and there about 20 characters to play as. Initially there are only 10, with the others unlocking as you progress through each route. Free Mode as always lets you play any completed level with any pair of characters without restriction. Unfortunately there is no Conquest mode this time around, so you are limited to only the levels you’ve beaten and can’t tackle new challenges. This mode also has network play and local play for your multiplayer options. The rewards for playing Survival Mode are little, but they are there for an extra challenge to those that seek it.

    As for the gameplay, it’s largely unchanged. You still use weak and strong attacks to mow down scores of enemies, and you can use musou attacks once the meter fills. There’s also a meter for rush attacks. Missions largely consist of defending certain areas or taking out target enemies. Some additional missions will pop up as the battle rages, which can change victory conditions. There are some tweaks to the other gameplay systems which are interesting though. The skill system has shifted from being weapon based to a grid that you spend Skill tomes on, with level prerequisites to them. There is still a skill system attached to weapons, and you can create or upgrade them, but it’s less important this time around. The skill system itself resembles the one seen in Digital Devil Saga 2, which is easy to grasp and makes wanting to make your characters stronger more desirable.

    The game feels like more than just a minor expansion this time around, and if you are fan of the series or this particular spin-off series, you should not feel like you got only a Director’s Cut update. The only thing that is missing that you could fault it for is the lack of a lock on system, or the medal system that let you level up other characters using money like in Pirate Warriors 3. Oh and that there’s no Conquest Mode. Otherwise, the game is a good beat em up for when you just want something simple that satisfies.

    Samurai Warriors 4-II - Review
    A decent follow up to Samurai Warriors 4 that's more than just a Legends expansion.
    Our Score8
    • The game is still fun as any other Warriors game.
    • The skill system is interesting in that it's styled after Digital Devil Saga 2's.
    • There's no Conquest Mode to just play as whomever you want to level them without being constrained to the level selection in Free Mode.
    8Overall Score
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