• I recently reviewed another game in the Senran Kagura series and found it to be surprising and very enjoyable,. The same can be said of Senran Kagura Bon Appétit, in fact I would go so far as to say that Senran Kagura Bon Appétit is actually better and much more fun. This title is a wash of boobs, half naked ladies and pretty decent rhythm based gameplay. This will not be a game for everybody and some may find it sexist, if you look at it the way it should be seen however (a game) and not a statement on women’s rights then you will also enjoy it.

    Story wise it’s the usual silliness, Master Hanzo is holding a cooking competition with a Secret Ninja Art Scroll on offer to the winner which will grant a single wish. Seduced by this excellent prize, the Shinobi of the Hanzo and Gessen Shinobi schools cook up their signature dishes in order to impress Master Hanzo in the hopes of creating a Super Dish. As I said it is silly but actually it’s a great excuse for this game.  This is a rhythm base game, so as the button prompts scroll along the screen you press them in time.  There are 10 tracks and one of these is chosen at random for the challenge.

    What makes this game very interesting is the addition of a second bar, so you need to match button presses on two bars simultaneously. This is much easier than it sounds and in the more hectic stages it gets really crazy and difficult. Not only do we need to press buttons, there are variations on time of button held, the amount of times to press a button and whilst this is no Guitar Hero its still a damn fun experience. The cook offs are decided based on how well you do in three segments. If master Hanzo os happy with what he tastes he burps and moans at the lower which causes an item of clothing to come off their bodies. Do this three times and you win, also your opponent is naked and covered in whipped cream. Yes I just said that.

    There are three game modes, story mode, arcade and free play. Story mode is where the meat of the game lies. You take your girl to the top of the food mountain and along the way shame the competition in chocolate syrup and provocative shapes. Along the road to victory we learn of the various stories of each girl and the motivation they have, all of these are ridiculous but in a really fun and pleasant way. Honestly do not take this game seriously as its just s whole lot of fun. Arcade is what you would expect, against CPU but no online mode sadly and free play lets you match up any pair of girls for a cook off. There are also some limitations sadly, namely there are only 10 girls to use and 10 songs and 10 dishes, after a while you begin to get bored because there is nothing really new left.

    Take this game as a fun, enjoyable rhythm game and you will really like it, Yes there are lots of naked girls but I think we have come a long way and can actually move past breasts in video games now. There is a fun concept here, it’s just a shame that the songs, characters are limited. I have been told however that there will be lots of DLC and it will add more girls and more songs so I’m happy with that. Posiibly the price tag is a bit steep at the moment but if you after a fun game that never takes itself seriously Senran Kagua Bon Appetit is that game.

    Senran Kagura Bon Appétit - Review
    A very fun rhythm based game with plenty of teasing and actual gameplay concepts
    Our Score7
    • The idea is a funny one, win the cook off or lose clothes.
    • The number of songs and characters at the moment is disappointing.
    7Overall Score
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