• While the Playstation Vita has been hanging in there, perhaps it would have lasted longer if developers had made more games that took advantage of it’s skill set. Especially for original IP like Severed, a game made by Drink Box Studios of Guacamelee fame. It’s an interesting title worth your consideration.

    The game is about a women named Sasha who wakes up in a nightmarish version of a place that looks like her home. She also finds herself without an arm, and her family has been kidnapped. A demon gives her a weapon in order to rescue them, and over the course of the game, a new arm. The sword will also get upgraded using the severed limbs and body parts from the monsters she will have to fight, as well as armor upgrades you will find. You play the game in a first person perspective similar to Metroid Prime, but movement is panel based. When you run into an ominous looking orb, you’ll begin a fight. Combat is handled entirely with the touchpad, where you’ll need to use your fingers or a capacitive pen. The goal is to swipe at the enemy when they are blocking, while preventing them from attacking. If they do attack, you can parry their blows by swiping at the right time, allowing you to counter attack. Long swipes do more damage, but shorter swipes fill up your meter which when full will allow you to have a chance to cut the limbs off. These parts are needed to upgrade your weapon.

    There’s a lot to discover in the levels themselves. Hidden switches, backtracking to older areas with new items to make other progress, with pots to swipe for giblets, which can be used to transform into new parts. To do this, players should get the transmute upgrade ASAP, as you will be finding a lot of giblets. The music’s tempo also changes based on your health, so you can see it as an incentive to do better. Although if you do die, then the game will just put you back at the last checkpoint with full health. The atmosphere of the game is cool and creepy, and much like Guacamelee, also has an Aztec like theme. Just about the only issue with the game is that swiping can accidentally turn your direction during combat, or when you want to, it’s hard to do so. The other thing is that I do wonder why there isn’t a smartphone version of this, as it seems like a good fit there too. Then again, the fact that it’s on the Vita is a good incentive to to have the device, and Severed is a fantastic little game platform holders should pick up.

    Severed - Review
    A fun mostly touch-based PS Vita game that the platform could have used more of earlier in it's life.
    Our Score9.5
    • The game has an addicting blend of Metroid Prime and Resident Evil DS knife survivor mode.
    • The music is dynamic depending on the state of your health.
    • Swiping with your finger to switch directions while in combat can be difficult to trigger/not trigger.
    9.5Overall Score
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