• Sniper: Ghost warrior 3, anyone that knows me knows how much I love a good stealthy sniper game. I love doing recon on the targets, environment, setting traps and then going in for the kill. This game lets me do all of those things, while it succeeds at some of the aspects it falls a little bit short on the others. This time the developers have gone with an open world game, on the surface this is a very good idea however this open world doesn’t feel alive enough. There are missions and objectives to complete but not enough for me to explore the world. The sniper mechanics are very well done here, you can adjust from variables during a shot so you can negate the environmental effects on your bullet. Overall I like this game just because of the risks it tried to take and how pretty it looks. I just feel a few of the aspects let this game down from being a truly great game, with a special mention for the loading screens and texture pop ins.


    We join the game as a younger brother is starting to use his sniper gun for the first time in the woods, his older brother walks in and they get into a family chat. Fast forward 15 years and the two brothers have grown up and are now in the special forces. However the older brother hasn’t aged that much whilst younger brother has caught up a lot in both physique and experience. The first aspect that hit me was during the prologue there is a lots of climbing and jumping to get to high areas. Now this is a very good thing to be able to do I just feel it hasn’t been done to the best of the abilities of the developers, especially when you are climbing. It feels forced and not fluid in anyway. As the story progresses we learn about the various justification is for the brothers and the interplay between them is sweet at times. They are very much the stereotypical video game characters however one can’t help but like them.

    The star of the show is the sniper mechanics, the fact that you have to adjust for elevation and wind and distance is much more rewarding than point-and-shoot. Now that’s not to say you won’t get kills by just pointing and shooting it just feels a little bit more satisfying when you adjust. The slow motion zoom in on the bullet as it hurtled towards the unfortunate target is definitely the best part of the game for me. To that point the sniper rifles themselves are highly detailed and very well reproduced. The attention to detail is great and it’s play the developers and designers spent a lot of time doing research for this. The missions themselves are very nice, they are enjoyable and have various facets to them. As you play there are different play styles that cater for the different player. You can be a ghost which means you have to be unseen in and out. Then there is the warrior style which means you use semi automatic guns getting there blow everything up and shoot the hell out of everyone. And of course the sniper style. Depending on which play style you like your get points for that skill tree and to be the ultimate sniper ghost warrior you need to be able to have all three skill trees fully unlocked.

    Where this game falls over sadly is the open world attempt, whilst on the base of the the world is pretty big, the problem is there is not that much to actually do. There are some people here and there and some places to visit but apart from that it’s basically empty. There is also a buggy to drive which is fine but all the other various vehicles in the game seem to be locked? Another area this game really gets frustrating are the loading screens, they can last up to 4 minutes and this is far too long to wait for a new game to load or for progression mid level. Now it’s not all doom and gloom as the graphics are very preety to look at with emphasis being on the environment and the guns.

    These bad aspects don’t take away from the game however they will frustrate most gamers and maybe take some of the immersion out. If you can deal with the loading screens, the texture issue, and the odd climbing mechanics then you will find a gem of a sniper game here. Especially with all of the different weapons, the perks, the use of a drone and the graphics of the vistas. I would recommend this game to fans of The sniper genre and the fans of shooting games in general. Give this a try as you may be surprised by how much you actually like smoking, just be prepared for a very long loading screens and have lots of snacks.

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3- Review
    A fun Sniper game that attempted valiantly to make it an open world title
    Our Score7
    • Robust sniping mechanic
    • Long loading screens
    • Odd graphical issues
    7Overall Score
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