• SolSeraph is a game that both were announced out of left field and released in short order. It was unfortunately being touted by other members of media as a spiritual successor to Act Raiser, the action platformer and sim game hybrid. Act Raiser was a beloved classic game, so of course, people jumped on without knowing what they were actually getting into. This is because SolSeraph, by all accounts, is not what people were expecting, and not in a good way. This has to be either the biggest bait and switch or the greatest disappointment this year because Act Raiser this game isn’t.

    The setting and plot are familiar to Act Raiser fans. Helios, the demigod born from the union of a God and a mortal, is tasked with saving humanity from the scourge of the Younger Gods, who are evil and envious of human abilities to take hold of their destinies and strike it out on their own, without the need of gods. However, they lack the power to resist these dark gods, so that’s where Helios comes in. You then engage in a loop of fighting through a platforming level with a melee character, who can also use various skills he picks up along the way. Then afterward, you’ll engage in a what isn’t a life sim portion, but rather what ends up happening is that you are thrust into a tower defense game. Instead of cultivating the land and performing miracles for humans to grow enough to seal monster lairs on their own. You’ll have to protect your base from being attacked by waves of monsters while having humans gather the resources needed to open the paths to the monster lairs, so you can defeat them yourself. Once enough of these lairs are defeated, the path to the final area with the land’s boss opens up. And that’s the gameplay loop.

    If that was all that set it apart from Act Raiser, I might have been fine with it. It’s really too bad then that this game is a poorly executed and boring technical mess. Regardless of which version of the game you play, there is always some kind of framerate and or animation jank, courtesy of poor implementation of the Unity engine. It’s weird that you sometimes have to wait for enemies to come in from the background so you can attack them on your plane. But more annoying than that is that the actual combat is janky, and attacking enemies is a chore. Most of the time you’ll end up getting hurt since there’s no stunning an enemy once you strike them for the first time. And health management is difficult since enemies don’t often drop health pickups. But aside from that the games visual and audio presentation also falls short. Not only does the framerate remain inconsistent throughout, but the game just looks ugly. Enemy design is very boring and standard, lacking the imagination and thought seen in the inspiration the game supposedly draws from. The music equally is pretty boring. But weirder than that is that the tracklist isn’t varied, and any track loops poorly, leaving parts of the game without music before the track resets and loops.

    All in all, this game is a poorly put together project, and nearly stealth releasing after a sudden announcement from Sega didn’t do it any favors to get any kind of feedback from the community in order to improve it. Instead what players get is a game that feels rushed, with not much thought put into it. And considering that ACE Team had been on a roll lately, this is a massive disappointment. Maybe the developers can learn a harsh lesson from this, and make a much better follow up to this, so players can get the game that they deserve. Avoid this game, even with it’s $15 USD price tag.

    SolSeraph - Review
    SolSeraph is a disappointment on nearly every level, and clearly needed more time in the oven, along with feedback from the community to improve.
    Our Score4.5
    • One thing the game has going for it over Act Raiser is that there's a lot more interesting conversations with the various NPC's than you would have gotten otherwise.
    • The soundtrack is boring, lacking, and doesn't loop well at all.
    • The gameplay is either boring or tedious depending on which mode you play in.
    4.5Overall Score
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