• After developing Sunset Overdrive and the Ratchet and Clank remake, gamers might have been wondering what Insomniac was up to. But several months ago, it was revealed that their next project was a smaller scale affair, featuring a submarine piloting little girl and her adventures in the Song of the Deep. The result is a fun little title that’s sure to satisfy fans of the genre.

    The game’s plot is about a little girl named Merryn who begins a search for her father, after he fails to return from his oceanic exploration. To do this, she contructs a small submarine and goes searching for him. Along the way, she’ll pick up various tools left behind by an lost civilization. These tools range from her primary method of attack, which is a claw that works much like a whip from a certain Konami series. Later on, you’ll also pick up three different kinds of missiles that use an energy meter to work, but thankfully the meter regenerates to a certain point, although you can get expansions. There’s also money to collect, which is used to buy upgrades for your weapons. Combat is simple although being in a sub allows for lots of freedom of movement, which is basically not standard in a Metroidvania.

    There are other non combat tools like a flashlight and sonar that let you access other areas more easily. There’s a lot of extra treasure to find in the game as well, so you’ll likely be searching every nook and cranny for them. Some areas even can’t be accessed by the sub, so there’s a diving suit to get through those small passages. The game also has many puzzles to solve, making it a more cerebral of a Metroidvania. The story is also narrated in a manner not dissimilar to Ori and the Blind Forest, with an art style that looks like a series of water color painting s during cut-scenes. The actual game itself is in polygons, but plays on a 2-D plane. The game runs at a mostly constant 30 frames on consoles, but unfortunately it drops noticeably once there’s a lot of stuff going on screen. Maybe with future updates the game will get some optimizations, but if you want a better experience, perhaps the Steam version is a better alternative.

    The game is $15 USD for the digital versions, with the physical versions unfortunately sold only at Gamestop, with them being the publisher of the physical sets. Unfortunate if only for the fact that I’d rather like to see it sell elsewhere. It’s a fun little Metroidvania that will last you about ten hours, and even less on replays. The only real flaws it has is a lack of extra unlockables like art galleries or sound tests. The game could also use an additional warp point per area of the game, because the default amount is too small for as vast as the world is. But aside from those things, it’s still a good buy.

    Song of the Deep - Review
    A fun submarine based Metroidvania from Insomniac that makes ocean exploration fun.
    Our Score8
    • The game has a really nice atmosphere to go with the deep sense of explorations that diving in a vast ocean invokes.
    • I wish I could move the sub with the d-pad for more precision movement in later sections.
    • There need to be more warp points.
    8Overall Score
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