• Another year, another Sonic game. Lately, this franchise has been in a rut when it comes to finding ways to revitalize the series. Many of these games released as of late have all failed to even meet the level of being just ‘okay’. While players want more than just okay, okay is better than we can expect from Sega, considering how badly the last two Boom games were handled. At least Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice manages to fill that ‘okay’ slot. While it won’t take the series to high sales, at least it’s a decent little platformer. Perhaps a bit too overly complex though.

    Fire and Ice is set in the Boom series, but it doesn’t even try to explain itself as to what’s going on. Eggman is collecting a special ore to power his machines to hopefully defeat Sonic at last. Only mining for this ore is wreaking havoc on the weather in the region. So it’s up to Sonic and Friends(R) to save the day. Apparently in the act of saving the region, Sonic and Amy gain new Fire and Ice powers, which you will be using to get through the various levels that get thrown your way. Of course there are some obstacles that require the use of the other Sonic characters. Amy can use her armor, Sticks has her boomerang, Knuckles digs underground, and Tails can hover and shoot his blaster to solve puzzles. There’s also a lot of collectibles, so you’ll have to come back to older levels later, which is annoying for completionists. Although it’s not like you really need to, as the collectibles don’t unlock anything neat. They are more there to check off a list of ‘what-to-put-in-a-platformer’.

    It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a great one either. The levels aren’t terribly challenging even though they can be hard to get a grasp with all the controls you’ll have to remember. Call me old fashioned, but Sonic was better when it was simple jumping and running. Not having to worry about homing attacks, using lasers, or switch fire and ice powers or use a grappling hook. The game is certainly a better effort than Shattered Crystal, but it won’t win any awards. The story is just there to make an excuse for the gimmick, and the music isn’t very catchy, which is usually a staple of Sonic games. At least the voice actors from the show reprise their roles for the game. The graphics of the game are pretty average looking, and the game doesn’t make much use of the 3D, although the framerate is a constant 30 frames. But at least the gimmicks are enough for an entertaining platformer. It should at least hold over players until Sonic Mania and the next AAA Sonic game is developed, but maybe you should wait a bit for a sale.

    Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice - Review
    An enjoyable, if just okay platformer. If you want a better Sonic experience though, you'll have to wait a bit longer.
    Our Score7
    • The platforming is enjoyable despite all the controls you'll have to remember.
    • Switching characters or areas in the game is easy thanks to the touchpad.
    • Overall presentation is a bit lacking.
    7Overall Score
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