Curry is one of the most loved dishes in the world.  So its more than right that a game should be based around making new varieties of curry to fight monsters, right? Well in Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God that’s pretty much what you do. This is a dungeon crawler that’s really hard and demands a lot of respect. The story is actually not bad and plays out well, the voice acting is really sublime and I am in love with the music and sounds heard.

    We play as Pupuru, a young girl with a lot of pep. We join her as she has finished at the top of her magic school and is sent to find a magic orb only to find that the org has been eaten by a rodent like Pokemon style creature all Kuu. When she reports this to her elder, she gets thrown out of school. We then meet her friend who is a curry shop owner and find that a giant curry chain is opening soon. To save our friends curry shop we must go in search of magic ingredients to form the best curry dishes and lure customers in.  To stop her, the owner of the chain and a demonic prince who is in love with Pupuru, tries to get married to her. It’s an odd story but then again when has a game of this genre ever had a normal plot? It’s a genuinely funny story with good writing.

    The graphics here are particularly bright and cheerful. This is an anime style game and the characters reflect this design. The levels themselves look nice enough, with the textures looking as they should. The monsters look kind of goofy but that’s in keep with the game. The cut scenes are the normal ones we have come to expect with beautiful hand draw comic style manga characters. The map geometry is randomly generated so you won’t get the same one twice but the graphics of course are reused. Control wise its fine, but the buttons stick sometimes so the command you input doesn’t translate which resulted in a few deaths for me. You have the ability to run fast in straight lines, either diagonals or the X, Y axis. But this again doesn’t translate well as the controls are a bit odd and do what they like.

    The gameplay revolves around exploring dungeons and killing monsters, based on a turn based fighting mechanic in which you attack, form items and other cool things. A good sword and shield are a must here because in this game you will die. When you die all your items and tools will be lost. So keep potions at hand to heal you, although your health does regenerate when you move around. That being the case death is always near. During battles Kuu will also aid you but mostly he just stands around begging for food. When he does help it’s a great asset to have however. The way the maps are generated Kuu gets stuck a lot and you have to chase him down. If he dies you die so pay attention to that detail closely. His health does not regenerate so you need to constantly throw him food or items to build his stats up.

    One aspect of the gameplay I didn’t like is the resetting of my level after I finished a level.  This game has this special option however so be warned. Building up your stats and various curry recipes is key to get far in this title. Also when you get to town you can go to your room and save items which you managed to earn. There are other places to visit including the Magic Academy in which you can check for quests and get rewards quests you have completed. The library gives you access to item/monster compendiums, your player history and you can visit the Chara Theater for items you collected to see what their relevance in the world is.

    I have enjoyed this title and I would recommend it to others only if you like this type of game. If you want to build up levels and stats and keep these then this is not your title. Dungeon crawling in this fashion may annoy many buy fans of this genre will know what this is and will appreciate it. The story alone is worth the asking price and this is a peach of a title in many aspects. The controls slightly let it down, the manner in which deaths occur and the frequency will again annoy some. For me it was a learning tool and so far after 12 hours I’m still going.

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