• SteamWorld Dig was a fun 2D version of what one could call a dungeon crawler, but it had a few weaknesses in it’s design. You pretty much just dug deeper and deeper through the Earth without any rhyme or reason, all in the name of searching for loot to satisfying that reptilian corner of your brain that wants more. Now with the sequel, those weaknesses have been addressed, and it’s a much better experience.

    The game is about Dorothy, a female robot that is searching for Rusty, the previous game’s disappearance after his victory against the Vectron. Dorothy has also seen a redesign to make here look less lanky, and cuter. While exploring the depths of the mines and other areas, you’ll sometimes have optional interactions with Dorothy’s new traveling companion, which can be pretty humorous.

    The gameplay is still mostly the same at it’s core, but this time, everything around it has improved significantly. Firstly is the size and scope of the game. The game’s structured more like a Metroidvania, with Dorothy acquiring new abilities to reach new areas, and not just to dig deeper. You’ll also be going to places to the left and right of the hub settlement. There’s also chute’s that enable fast travel, which really helps cut down on downtime due to running out of lantern light. Mobility also has increased, with the ability to run and use things like a grappling hook to get around. These things, along with a grenade launcher, also make it easier to collect resources from tiles out of reach. There’s also mods that can further help you out with collecting. The game’s also a lot more colorful, making it easier to see things, and just makes the game less of the dreary brown and dark experience from the last two games.

    The only real negative to the game is that the story progression still feels a bit uneven. You still get a great deal of your gear without tying story and boss fighting segments together to push you forward. This is mitigated due to how much better the overall exploration has improved, but it would have been nice for a more even design. The game plays great both in Portable Mode and Docked Modes on the Switch. While it lacks second screen support, it’s not to big a deal to pull up the map with the start button. If you liked the previous SteamWorld games, you’ll love this one. I can easily say that this entry is the best yet. A definite recommendation.

    SteamWorld Dig 2 - Review
    A great sequel to the original, even better than before.
    Our Score9.5
    • Traversing the depths is a heck of a lot easier than the previous game due to some new additions like fast travel and the grappling hook.
    • There's a stronger emphasis on a story this time around.
    • Not enough equipment related progression tied to story progression.
    9.5Overall Score
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