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    Cross over games seem to be all the rage now, this title sees a merging of the Hyperdimension Neptunia and the Hard Girls series from SEGA. One issue is that both of the games have girls from the SEGA consoles so it’s not really SEGA on just one side. The main protagonist is called IF, we find her in a post-apocalyptic world on her way to library. Suddenly a girl falls out of the sky, yup a fully functioning girl. Once we arrive at the library we find that the girl is indeed Hatsumi Sega and of course as fate would have it she has lost her memory. After a few narratives we learn that the history of the world is becoming corrupted and lost. So we must travel back in time to investigate and kick ass. As stories go, this is pretty basic but fans of the two series will be happy here. To be fair there is a fair amount of explanation as well.

    This is a RPG as you would expect and it has similar systems of the Neptune system. However things have been changed slightly here, instead of the tried and tested combo system we have the new meter based usage. Learning to control this meter is the difference between victory and defeat. During attack mode you can use a skill, an item, attack, jump or defend. Each of these has its own meter usage. It’s this usage that determines how your character acts and if there is enough to do more actions.


    Graphics here are bright and cheerful. The anime art style is very pretty and pleasing to the eye. It also suits the PSVita screen very well as the hand drawn characters really pop. However there are a few shortcomings in the framerate when a few characters appear on screen but the CPU usually sorts this out quick. Also just to mention that this game uses the same engine as the other games (PhyreEngine). Voice acting is below standard as these games carry the tradtion of pretty bad English dub.

    Remember back in the days of Chrono Trigger when you could face the final boss at any time? Well you can do the same here as well, jumping back anf forth in timelines lets you uncover the whole story but there is a time limit. Yes there is a time limit in this game. You have a set time to complete each mission, if you don’t then the Time Eater monster will eat it. If this happens you have to go back to the missions that were not eaten and then try again.

    Altogether I have enjoyed my time with Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Review. A lot. There are a few negatives however the combat mechanics are fun and the graphics really pull it together. Fans of the two series will be at home here and casual gamers/ new gamers to the series will like the depth the story goes to. Do give this a try and you will enjoy it as much as I have.

    Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls- Review
    A good mix of two series, nice graphics and all together fun
    Our Score8
    • Really fun and good looking anime characters
    • Frame lags and dubbing issues
    8Overall Score
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