• The good folks over at Ripstone have come up with another gem with Table Top Racing.  Table Top Racing is so much fun, it’s a racer that is very much in the mold of the old school Micro Machine games. The small cars race around environments such as cakes, tools, school equipment and other amazing places. The graphics are crisp, sharp and really pop on the PS Vita screen. Everything about this game screams fun and the multiplayer is no different. The racing falls under a few categories that include the use of weapons. The whole package is great and the price fits it perfectly.

    The view is from behind which is much better than the top down view we had with micro machines. This allows for better control and better gameplay, the one aspect I really find odd is the view changes from front to reverse when you touch the rear touchpad. This is done far too frequently and gets annoying and sadly can’t be turned off. The graphics are really special here, each car is lovingly recreated with bold colors and sharply rendered. The paintwork is just fun and really blends with the motif of the game. The cars can be upgraded with coins earned during races. The statistics include speed, grip, armor and more. The upgrades really add a different ability to the racing and sets the cars apart. They range from ice cream trucks to trucks to muscle cars. There is even a Bunnymobile and a hotdog car which sums this game up.

    There are plenty of modes to play as well, these include: Hot Lap which is a one car, one lap event. Set the best time to earn stars. The Speed Trial is a mode where you have lots of turbo to pick up and simply have to finish a few laps. Combat is where most gamers will find themselves as this is racing plus weapons. These weapons include a smart missile, EMP burst, turbo boost and a bomb. The Combat mode has decent mechanics but the AI and the tracks themselves are not very difficult so on that front some gamers may find this too easy.

    There is also another mode called Pure Race which is combat without the weapons.  Pursuit is an interesting idea in which you are timed on how long it takes you to ram into the car in front and elimination is just that. The championship has lots of cups and each of these cups have a lot of events. There is a lot of racing here so gamers won’t be left with nothing to do. To add to the gameplay there are drift events and special events. The network is where multiplayer occurs and it is here where you can go online or partake in local play.

    I was never left for too long waiting for partners and the human aspect adds a lot of fun to the gameplay. This is really a fun game and highly worth the small price. Ripstone are quickly becoming one of my favorite developers and this game will surely do a lot for their reputation. I can highly recommend this and urge everyone to play this.

    Table Top Racing - Review
    A wonderful game with great graphics and fun gameplay. Shame about the rear touch pad though.
    Our Score8
    • Great graphics and fun gameplay.
    • Environments are detailed and highly polished.
    • Silly rear touchpad issue with view changes.
    8Overall Score
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