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    The best tales game we have reviewed. A bold statement to make right off the bat, but for the dark story and deep character progression we have to make such a declaration. Most Tales games have aspects in common in their game mechanics and story. There is a massive world, a positive band of heroes and fun adventures to be had by all. Tales of Berseria however does away with the super good heroes, instead opts for a villainous main character and a group of fighters that are something out of the Suicide Squad. Only a small exorcist is within this group to keep it intact.

    Tales of Berseria is set in the same land as Tales of Zesteria. What I liked is that you don’t need to play previous games of this to make sense, it would be good if you did but not necessary. This Tales game however takes places 1000s of years before the aforementioned Zesteria title. Our main character is a girl called Velvet Crowe, an evil looking lady/ demon hunter. She is very much an anti-hero, trying to gain vengeance every step of the adventure. However every time we get closer something happens and puts us back again. I formed a genuine liking with her and wanted to help her get ultimate vengeance. We play as the villains, as the vampires, the demons against the good humans. The stories are different and yet the graphics are strikingly similar, the textures, the mapping and the mood. Monster encounters are the same as before and if you want you can avoid them completely but I wouldn’t as you need experience and loot.

    The combat system is also similar to an extent. There is both an element of button bashing and strategy to each battle. Here we have a soul gauge mechanic, in that you win souls when you defeat enemies. The more souls you have the more of a combo you can keep and hence the more damage you can dish out. Each character has their own soul break skills as well which gives the combos different boosts and buffs. I like how you can switch party members on the fly to use their specific attacks. What the above gives us is the ability to either button mash or manage the various souls.


    Now for me the most tedious aspect of this game is the constant walking through monster infested areas. There is a lot of grinding and a lot of the time we are left to just walk around bland hallways and areas. There are not a lot of collectibles sadly so exploration is pretty boring. If you enjoy talking this is your game, there is so much here it’s crazy. With all the talking parts in this game you may be forgiven for thinking it’s boring, now some parts there are but mostly its fun and the English is done well.

    Taking all the parts above I can say this is a great game, there are some aspects that could have been done better. I really enjoy playing as the bad guys and the story progresses well. Yes there is a lot of of dialogue to get through and the walking is excessive. The story also has a few twists which help the story progress. Our main character reminds us that vengeance is something that will fuel you all the way to the end. Give this a try because if you are a Tales fan this is both surprise and frustrate you. Casual gamers that are after a good RPG will enjoy this as well.

    Tales of Berseria- Review
    Playing as the bad guys is always fun, this Tales title gives us the chance to do this.
    Our Score8
    • Follow the story and it will reward you with a few nice twists
    • Far too much walking and talking
    8Overall Score
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