Terraria is a game of discovery, based on the ideas of building, exploring and killing stuff. This is similar to Minecraft but a clone this is not. Terraria has now been released on the PS Vita and it seems that the true home for this title has been found. The touchscreen ability of the Vita coupled to the Wi-Fi and gorgeous screen make Terraria on the PS Vita a gem of a game. A 2D sandbox game with unlimited potential and things to do is something the Vita has been waiting for, truly a game that can be enjoyed on the go.

    When a player begins this game they are asked to create a character with all the basic creation tools they would think of. The player is sent into a randomly generated world where the fun begins. At the start we get three tools, a pickaxe for mining, an axe for wood cutting and a sword for obvious killing. Using either the smart cursor or a manual one you highlight an area and begin an activity which may be killing, chopping, mining or crafting. Here is where the first aspect of the PS Vita is used, the back touchpad can be used to control the cursor and I found it’s very fluid, intuitive and feels very good. The front touchscreen is not left out as everything from the menus to the inventory or crafting can be done with touch. It’s a clever way to make this PS Vita friendly and this feature is enough to make fans buy this. After all ease of play is what gamers of this genre want.

    Where this differentiates itself from Minecraft is the boss fights and the various quests to go on. However I feel most will go about this game by exploring and seeing what they can find and craft. Completing tasks brings NPCs into your world and they will inhabit your buildings. Then enemies try to attack you and once defeated they will drop items, sometimes rare and very valuable ones which will aid in crafting and survival. This is a type of game I call a “Time sink” which essentially means that you simply forget how long you have played as it never gets old. There is always one more area to explore or one other item to build. When you go online you can see other worlds and when you see the pieces of art that are other players worlds you run back to yours and try to make it better.

    The Vita not only adds extra functionality but I believe this looks better graphically. The colors really pop and the 2D sprite graphics look really crisp on screen. This really feels like a SNES game and makes me all nostalgic just playing this. The online aspect gives this game more replay value as up to eight players can explore each other’s worlds and this in itself introduces another layer of gameplay. The sounds are the same as previous versions but I can’t help but think it’s a bit better on the Vita? I am deeply into this game and I cannot put it down. The main story is something that may take a back seat as getting lost is all the fun anyone could want.

    If you own this on another platform I would still say buy this on the PS Vita as this version is king. The touchscreen accessibility on both the front and rear make this a smoother game. The bright graphics look great and the massive worlds of Terraria really feel at home on the widescreen PS Vita. This game will take a lot of time from your life so be careful when you start this. The only negative is the tedious nature of the combat, apart from that I can’t find faults with this. The price tag is fully justified so I would go and snap this title up.

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