• Let’s be honest here, movie video games are usually pretty terrible. The first Amazing Spider-Man was a decent game, and this second game which goes along with the movie is also decent. The issue is that there is not a lot of difference from the previous game. There is enough here to satisfy comic fans and fans of the franchise but casual gamers may find a game that’s slightly tame and lacking new ideas. Graphically this is nice to look at with the power of the Xbox One being on display, well slightly on display. The depth that we would have liked is missing in both graphics and gameplay. This is not the game that will change the minds of casual gamers about movie tie-ins, but for fans this is pretty cool and swinging around is truly fun.

    The story here is pretty odd as lots of super villains are brought out but not much in the way on sense is made. We can see what we are doing but why we are doing it is another matter. Whilst the plot is not a total disaster some better writing would have been deeply appreciated. The gameplay is slightly better in that more realistic web swinging has been introduced. This time around the webbing actually has to stick to something close by, so by using the two sticks in a step wise fashion its really easy to keep going and pretty much never stop. This was the most fun aspect of the Amazing Spider-Man-2 for me, the open world really caters well for this. Graphics are nice up to a point, the NPC look pretty bad but the city looks alive. The hustle and bustle is well realized and Spiderman himself looks really detailed. Overall graphics wise this looks good when you are walking but when swinging the detail is lost.

    Combat here feels similar to an Arkham game but the light version. You dodge when you see a red figure and you then mash the attack button. There are some really lovely unique attacks and combos that Spidey does but the actual mechanics in the fights are not complex and are mastered pretty quickly. Web shooting at an enemy slows them down and you can also use the stealth mode to detect movements and enemy locations. Whilst this stealth aspect is not broken at all I feel a lot more can be done to make the stealth a stand out facet. The missions themselves are shorter than previous games and this is a good thing. Doing a few missions then exploring the city is the best way to play this title. It makes the story missions feel better and exploring is also fun as you can find side quests which give us cool new costumes. To break up the gameplay there are audio logs to collect, comics to find and JJ gives you photograph assignments and wondering around the city as Peter Parker is actually really sweet.

    There is also the implementation of a menace meter at the bottom of the screen, what this does is another matter. If you don’t stop crime Spidey’s reputation increases as a menace whilst successfully completing missions add to your heroic status. There is no real point to this however as whatever your meter reading the game plays out the same and all will happen as it should. Other aspects of gameplay include holding down on the D-pad which allows Spidey to heal himself with webbing. There is also Stan Lee’s comic stand which is a place where Peter can read comics that he’s collected, as well as art and figurines.

    I also liked the fact that we can play combat challenges which is a wave mode in essence. This challenges even the most ardent of Spider-Man fans and this provides more of a challenge than the actual game. After completing side missions and going through the combat challenges there is not a lot to do, replay value comes in the form of playing the levels over in different costumes. The music here is pretty decent with a movie style score following us everywhere. Vocal talent is fine and passable, nothing special really but I loved the Stan Lee segments.

    Overall this is an ok game, there are aspects I liked which include the web swinging and the combat was passable. I didn’t like the graphics as I feel much more could have been done and this game was rushed I believe to get it out in time for the movie. This is not all that different from the first amazing Spider-Man game in that the ideas have been recycled here. A few new ones have been used but not enough to warrant a high level of interest. Fans of the Spider-Man comics will be happy with this as swinging around is really fun. Stan Lee’s sections are fun and I loved seeing him in game form given a nice role. Buy this is you are a fan but casual gamers will probably not bother.

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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Review
    This movie tie-in game is not what it should have been. Fans will enjoy it though but casual gamers wont find anything new.
    • Web swinging is much improved and very fun
    • The story is odd and random villains are thrown in
    • Not different enough from the previous game
    6Overall Score
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