• Since EA have dropped the gold ball with their annual PGA title there is a hole in the market.  Here you have pretty graphics, really intuitive gameplay and a course building a course which is very easy to use. Yes there are no famous golfers and there is no license but if you can look past that then you will get a pretty good golf sim. I won’t even talk about the silly Mario Golf as I don’t consider that as a golf sim. The Golf Club is a serious game, no silly special powers no messing around. Pure golf gameplay in a friendly, soothing and very engaging way.

    The graphics here are not fantastic, it’s not pushing the Xbox One at all, but what the graphics are is a good attempt to show depth, bold colors and good character animations and ball physics. The meat is in the “play now” section where you can choose from 18 or 9 holes and a few pre-made courses. These are pretty well made and offer the basics of what every novice needs to get them started. When you begin the controls are done via the two sticks, pull the right stick back and then push it forward to swing, The clubs are pre-selected for the best possible results. You can move the left stick to change your angle and positioning, this is indicated by a cursor on the screen. For the more expert golfer you can tweak the controls as you wish to get the perfect shot.

    You can also create a competition; here there is the choice of adding events to the competition. There are a few to choose from, a few on screen and loads to choose from the online catalogue and all the courses that other gamers have made. So far there is not a lot of courses that gamers have made but I’m hopeful that after a little bit of time this will be flooded with courses. One aspect which is not really that great is the commentary, it’s basically one guy just saying phrases. Whilst the phrases are well timed and accurate its very repetitive and doesn’t help in the feeling of immersion. This is a part of the game that needs help but I’m thinking this will be an ongoing project and over tine updates will be released.

    The Greg Norman course designer is just wonderful.  You first begin with a choice if themes, from rural, alpine, autumn, desert or links. I of course choose alpine, you then choose tress, water and hills. For these options you choose how substantial these aspects are in your course. You choose the difficulty and the number of holes, you add a name and then the fun begins. You can edit the holes, change the setup and can chose the time of day. All this happens as you view the vista and the overhead image of the holes. The light changes as you change the time of day and the whole experience is a soothing and rewarding one. You can then play or publish it and wait for fellow golfers to play and comment on your course.

    For me this is a very enjoyable game, its pure golf for the real golf fan. There are no silly powers, special effects or weird characters. The shot selection and the shot options are complete. If you’re a novice the pre-selected shot is perfect, the controls are very easy to get a hold of and its very much a title you can pick up and play. There are faults in the sound and the graphics are really not up to scratch but this is very much a game in the works. Try this as the price tag is justified and the online community can grow very well. I would recommend this to title to all golfers and casual gamers.

    The Golf Club - Review
    A good golf sim that is easy to play that can potentially grow into a great community.
    Our Score7
    • Great controls which are easy to use.
    • The course designer is wonderful tool which really makes it easy to design a course.
    • The graphics are really not that great and the sound still needs work.
    7Overall Score
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