• This is the second of the Van Helsing games out, here we play as the son of the original vampire hunter. This game is a top down hack and slash game, where the graphics are very much steam punk and noir. You can use swords, guns, magic and traps to stop a monstrous army from taking over. Katerina is our NPC who is a ghost that helps us with tips, during fights and providing stories and information. If you didn’t play the original don’t worry as this stands as a game in itself and the story is ok to give you the motivation you need.


    First thing you do is choose your avatar from a range of pretty standard warriors, ranged fighter, magic user, axe user and pretty cool a gun user. Gameplay is good as a hack and slash one, basically hit X and you shoot your gun, pistols and magic attacks. The issue is also seen right away with the button mapping system. You have to use the right stick to switch between guns and swords, the use the Left bumper to get a rage attack. There are also other spells and buttons to learn, at first these buttons are silly and annoying but then it becomes intuitive and after some practise you can really make yourself a tank against the waves of enemies that will come at you.


    As a RPG this is also a pretty tidy game, the options are all there and for the people that like to tinker and read this game caters for you. You use the menus to equip items or use the skills, perks and levels. What I really like is that leveling up is done easily and all the skills and abilities are clear. Its not a mess of menus and complex things. Another aspect I enjoyed is the voice acting and the script, its both humours and clever (at times). The NPCs all give a unique feel to proceedings and the voice acting is strong. The relationship between Van Helsing and Katerina is especially good.

    Overall I like this very much, it gives me all the things I want from a hack and slash game. Decent story and great gameplay. Simple and engaging is how I would describe this game, the NPCs are all fun and give the script a nice life like feel. Graphics are dark and very steam punk, I like the colour palette used and the movement of the characters is paced very well. The various enemy types keep this surprising fun and I can recommend this to all RPG fans. Give it a try as I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II- Review
    A well scripted and well balanced RPG with hack and slash mechanics
    Our Score7.5
    • Plenty of depth if you want it, easy to pick up and play
    • Multiplayer is very bare and the story is just silly
    7.5Overall Score
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