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    Tiger Woods’ appearance at the British Open might have been short-lived, after he missed the cut in a major for only the second time in his professional career, but he will be hoping that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 has more duration.

    There is no doubt that over the last few years, the only golf game worth playing has been developed by EA Sports, but the pressure always has to be there to keep re-inventing the wheel to give gamers a reason to go out and buy the latest in the golfing franchise.

    This year it is fair to say that only a handful of offerings have been added to the game, compared to the 09 version.

    EA have done plenty of work to the online features, with the inclusion of the EA Sports Live Tournaments, where you can take your player-created golfer and participate in daily, weekly or ‘Play the Pro’s’. It works in a format where you select the tournament you want to take part in, view the scores which other players have already posted and then record your score against other players.

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    Another nice feature is the inclusion of the Weather Channel’s forecast, so if you’re playing a round of golf at Torey Pines, the real-time weather will be represented in the game – just to give you that extra touch of realism. Six new courses are included, the previously-mentioned Torrey Pines, Bethpage Black, Turnberry, Pinehurst, Hazeltine, and Oakmont.

    Our favourite addition is the Play the Pros option, as part of the Live Tournaments – so you get to play alongside anyone from a real golf tournament. If for example, Tiger hits his shot into the water, then you’ll see that reflected in-game on the leaderboard, it’s nothing groundbreaking but a nice extra.

    One thing which definitely needs improving for next year’s game is the commentary. Scott Van Pelt brings his half to the table, but Kelly Tilghman fails to form any sort of rapport with Van Pelt, leaving key aspects of the game feeling a little empty.

    If you’re a hardcore golf gamer then it is worth going out and picking up the game, the same applies for if you’re a US Open and USGA Championship nut who welcomes the inclusion of the prestigious tournaments in the game. Otherwise, rent the game and then see what you think.

    By Richard Stallworth

    Score: 8/10

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