• It’s always a fun time when there’s a simple to play action platformer which is also an easier alternative to a hardcore experience like Volgarr the Viking. But while the game is fun and all, I do wish it had a little more meat on it’s bones when it comes to extra content.

    Tiny Barbarian DX is about a nameless barbarian that you play several scenarios with, with absolutely no explanation for what’s going on other than visual storytelling. There are five scenarios, with several levels to complete in each. Once you start a level, the action immediately begins. As far as gameplay goes, the barbarian has a multitude of abilities to use when fighting enemies in his path to glory. You can do some sword combos, slash upwards, a jumping blade spin, or do low slashes. You can even jump in the air and do a body slam move. Your sword can also knock away projectiles. Some levels also feature mounts to ride. The levels do seems long, but thankfully the game has multiple checkpoints and doesn’t punish you for not being able to play a perfect run in a single setting, unlike Volgarr the Viking. There are plenty of references from other games like Contra, Golden Axe, and even some movies like Conan the Barbarian.

    The game can probably be completed in about 2 hours or less depending on skill, and that’s even with every scenario taken into consideration. Unlike the initial PC release, the game already has every scenario available, and they are just waiting to be unlocked in sequence through completion. If there is anything missing in this game, it’s that there is no online leaderboards to make score keeping relevant. The Switch version in particular has no achievement list equivalent to the Steam and PS4 versions. With any other extra content or story to talk about, there’s not really that much more to the game. At least the Switch version of the game benefits from having the ability to be portable, and offers two player support. The physical release features some nice artwork that’s reminiscent of games like Adventure Island. The game is easier than Volgarr the Viking, but it’s still challenging, but fair. It’s a nice alternative to Volgarr, so if you want a good alternative, you can’t go wrong with Tiny Barbarian DX for the Nintendo Switch.

    Tiny Barbarian DX - Review
    A fun little action platformer that's a good alternative to the tough as nails Volgarr the Viking.
    Our Score8
    • The game is a decent alternative to Volgarr the Viking's difficulty.
    • The Barbarian has a lot of moves at his disposal, making for a lot of combat options.
    • Lack of any real story.
    8Overall Score
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