• “Your Titan is ready” These are the four words that gamers will hear over and over again. These four words will fill you with joy, power and a child-like enthusiasm that may have been lacking. Titanfall is finally here and after my impressions from the beta its’ time for the good stuff to begin. It’s rare for a game to win so many awards before it’s even released but Titanfall is totally justified in winning those. This represents a very balanced game mechanic at two distinct scales, both normal sized pilots and massive Titans. It’s a feat that is even more delightful when you take into account that there is no real campaign and this is solely an online multiplayer experience.

    There is an attempt made at a campaign in that there is an order to the way the maps are played. The story here is very sparse and revolves around two warring factions called the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (MIC) and the Militia. We knows we must complete team based objectives on a dilapidated planet. This is fine for me as the story is very much secondary to gameplay. The best place to begin is by breaking down the three classes of Titans. First the Stryder, he is very agile and can literally run circles around an enemy. The Orge is more for the down and dirty face to face play, he excels in destruction with a triple grenade launcher. Finally the Atlus class, who is more of an all-rounder. This is probably the best choice for new players as load outs are easier to balance with him.

    This customization can be performed on both your pilots and Titan, there are 5 slots for you to play around with. As you increase in XP and hence level there are more choices on offer. Weapons, both in sidearms and anti-Titan variety are here for the choosing. I would choose the cloak ability as everyone else is using it and would serve you best. The Titans have abilities to use shields or rockets or have the cool ability to eject you when they are about to explode. Let me just say that being ejected and performing a sky kill is one of the best feelings in this game. There are other bonuses called Burn Cards, these are one use cards that bestow any number of cool abilities until you are killed. Be careful though because if these cards are equipped and the player is killed the card is burned and gone forever. The best ability that the Burn Cards give in my opinion is the ability to reduce the Titan build time by around 40 seconds. This is vital in battle as you can be the first to get your giant friend on the planet.

    Since the characters and classes are so balanced it seems only fair that the levels should be as well? Well remarkably yes they are very well balanced. The 15 maps all seem very well thought out and all play in their own ways. The Colony is a map that feels smaller with all the houses around but as the bullets and grenades whizz by you can use a wall for cover and then run round and get your kill. Each map has high and low areas for snipers and agile players alike. Every play style has been catered for here as there are many routed by which players can get to areas and many routes by which death can occur. The range of map designs and environments is also nicely done, these range from deserts to cities and even indoors. The typical day/night cycle has been implemented here as well.

    Graphically this is a pretty game, but not staggeringly so. This may be somewhat of a surprise to most as gamers wanted a truly next gen looking title. Whilst Titanfall is very pretty it isn’t as pretty as it should have been. This may be due to the fact the Respawn were busy creating the perfect balance or ridiculously fun gameplay? One aspect I feel should have been made a bit deeper is the various modes on offer. Attrition is where most gamers will flock to, this is the team Deathmatch mode and it’s pretty solid. Hardpoint is the Domination mode. Last Titan Standing is where everyone is given a mech from the start and team play comes to the front. Whilst these are fun, I really think more is needed and fast. New imaginative modes should be thought of which can fully utilize the lofty goals this title tries to reach. Another no-no is that at the moment we can’t play private matches. Yes you have to take part online with everyone and can’t just play in private matches with friends. This I have been informed from a source will get addressed very soon though.

    Throughout my time with Titanfall I have never wanted to stop, never gotten frustrated and never thought I could have so much fun playing an online only title. There are a few issues with the lack of diverse game modes and the lack of private matches but the gameplay is solid. Six Vs Six has never been so fun, a lot was made of the Titan and pilot dynamic and I can honestly say the relationship between the two is very well done. Both scales have been set up in such a way that you never feel immortal and that death is always a silly move away. Trust me when I say this is a game every Xbox owner should own and play relentlessly.

    This review was done on Xbox One thanks to review code provided by the kind folks over at Xbox.

    Titanfall - Review
    A wonderful example of a title in which scale and balance have been married together in a fun, thrilling package.
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