• The Touhou spin-off train continues, and is still making stops to drop off some of it’s catalog to the West, but not every entry is worth the wait. Such is the case with Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle. What could have been a nice take on Virtual On ends up more like a junky Rise of the Robots experience.

    Since the game is not only a one on one fighting game, but a Touhou game, the story mode is nonsensical as to why the things in the game are even happening. Basically battle are bad-mouthing Reimu, so the only solution of course is to fight all these characters. That’ll teach em’! And then you proceed to have nonsensical conversations with pretty much every major Touhou character, and then you fight them. Like any good fighting game, you do one on one battles that are the best two out of three matches. The object is to deplete their health, but the way you do this is different than your typical fighting game. Since it’s a series known for it’s shoot em’ up entries, you will be firing different types of bullets to damage your opponent. There’s the weak but quick shots, the wide spread shot that’s more effective but slower, and the powerful shot that requires setup and is the slowest attack. All of these actions including the dash maneuver require stamina, so you can’t dash or blast the power shot forever. Each attack has it’s own stamina gauge, so the game really wants you to switch up your attacks frequently. But you can always close in on your opponent and pull off some melee combos. It sounds not all too different from Virtual On’s setup, but the game suffers from technical issues which make it not play well.

    Despite the game playing at 60 frames per second even on the Switch version, the game just controls bad. The movement is janky and it’s hard to get hits on your opponent unless you are locked on to them, and even then, it’s a struggle. You’ll also be fighting the camera, as there will be times when the camera will block your vision during battle. If the story mode had actually been interesting, it might have been worth it to play a game with poor controls, but alas. There is a versus mode where can choose to play online, but much like single player, it will still have those control issues. There aren’t many worthwhile extras either, so replayability is weak. There’s DLC characters to download, but again, there isn’t much beyond that. The issues just make the game a weak Virtual On clone. If you want a better one on one fighting game experience with shooting, you’d be better off just playing Bullet Ballet. It captures the idea of shooting game and fighter hybrid, even though the focus is on the shooting. You should just avoid this game.

    Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle - Review
    A weak spin-off game that tries to be more of a Virtual On fighting game, but fails to be nearly as polished as that title.
    Our Score5
    • The game plays at 60 frames per second, even on the Switch.
    • You run out of Stamina too fast.
    • The clunkiness of the controls makes combat trickier than it needs to be.
    5Overall Score
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