• I have grown up with these robots in disguise, I even own an original Optimus Prime figure from the 80’s. Basically I’m trying to convey the fact that I’m old enough to have watched all the transformers cartoon from their beginnings to now. Transformers Devastation brings back the old school graphics with great action and button mashing fun. The characters I remember are ll here and with their original voices as well, It’s pure nostalgia and I love it, this really takes me back to when I was that 12 year old sitting too close to the TV and trying to emulate Soundwave’s voice.

    Basically the plot is as any Saturday episode of the G1 generation, Megatron has found a way to use the power of plasma to cyberform Earth, slowly getting rid of all the organic matter and turning the place into a more Cybertron friendly place. Of course Optimus and his Autobots must work together to bring down the Deceptacons and bring the population back to Earth. I will say that even the plot is a nod to the old school show and I love it.

    The gameplay focuses on the ability to use one of five Autobots (Optimus, Bumblebee, Sideswpie, Wheeljack and Grimlock), They all have their own play styles and we are encouraged to learn how to play with each one. Attacks range from ranged to close melee action, there are combos to learn and perfect dodges to perform. There is also a super button which looks great and is specific to each Autobot. On the surface some gamers will find it’s a bit repetitive but there are vehicles race sections to help distract them. The combos are just enough to not make you get bored and the NPCs which fight alongside us are actually pretty clever.

    The whole game just feels smooth to me, there are very little if any bugs, there are some exploration aspects and there are chests to find that give some loots. It’s mostly pretty linear, you have a brief narrative and then told to fight this Deceptacon or that one, again I am very much a fan of this but I can see where some casual gamers will not care for this gameplay. One thing that’s clear is the developers were Transformers fans, this is seen in the graphics and the detail that all the bots poses.

    The various Autobots have different play styles, Grimlock is a melee guy, Bumblebee is fast but weak, sideswipe has a dash move and Optimus is the all-rounder. The sound is fantastic here, voices are spot on and the soundtrack is just wonderful. There are some negatives however as this is a very short game. Yes there are 3 difficulty levels but still its short, also the price tag is a bit on the heavy side for a game of this length I feel. There is a crafting system to help manage your weapons and loot but it’s far too tedious to play with.

    Altogether I have really enjoyed my time with Transformers Devastation. It takes me back to Saturday mornings and that old TV I loved. The graphics and the cartoon nature all work very well as there is a smooth yet arty feel to the whole thing. Transformers Devastation is a game for all but only the true G1 fans will understand it on a personal level. I have a very fund connection with this title and even though there are a few shortcomings they can’t take away from the joy I feel playing this. Try it and you may also get a connection from it.

    Transformers Devastation- Review
    A nostalgic nod to the G1 days of the Transformers
    Our Score7.5
    • Perfect voice cast
    • Great action gameplay with various Autobots to play as and a decent plot
    • Loot system is pants as is the length of the main game
    7.5Overall Score
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