• So you now have a Nintendo Switch? Played Zelda and need to put it away? Well fear not as we have the perfect choice for you. Venom have released a starter kit ideal for you. This kit contains a matte black EVA case. A screen protector which has the feel of tempered glass to it and a pretty good set of earbuds. The screen protector fits first time easily with minimal bubbles for those that need to know. Basically with no air bubbles actually.

    The earbuds fit well and the sound delivered by them is clean and crisp. The wire is long enough to keep the Switch at arms length. It does keep the dust out and the fit is perfect with your Switch held safe. This is a must if you are traveling and want a lightweight, strong case to protect your shiny new system. There are also two small straps on the bottom internal potion of the case which will keep the Switch in place.


    The build quality is pretty high as you would expect from a Venom product. The case itself feels sturdy yet lightweight with two good size zips. There is also an internal mesh pocket on the top where you can store your memory cards, games and whatever else you may need. The price is justified with this product and we can recommend it.

    Look out for our next review of another great Venom product. This time its for their own brand in ear Stereo gaming headsets that work with the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    Venom Switch Screen Shield & Controller Case Starter Kit- Review
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