• World of Final Fantasy came out on the PS4 and the Vita a few years back, and while it met some success, it never reached the other platforms like PC or Xbox One. Now that the Switch is out, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start rolling out versions for those platforms. But going beyond simply porting the game, the team at TOSE has decided to add more content to the game, rebranding the title as World of Final Fantasy Maxima. While the game might not win any awards for its gameplay or story, what is there is enjoyable.

    The story is pretty simple and doesn’t really bother explaining things, despite unloading all this exposition right at the start. Basically, the two protagonists are twins that are the only ones left in their world, after an event that saw them lose their memories and get stripped of this power to control Mirages, powerful familiars that just happen to resemble classic Final Fantasy monsters and summons. All of this is told to them by Enna Kros, who is apparently the god of this world. And they mostly just take this info that gets dumped on them on the chin, without so much demanding more answers or resistance.

    The gameplay then is mostly about gaining strength by collecting these Mirages and leveling up. And you capture these monsters by exploiting their specific conditions to create a window of opportunity to put them in a prism. So it’s basically Pokemon. However, the game’s similarity to that franchise ends there. Despite having the ability to fight themselves, the twins can’t use abilities naturally. So to get around this, they rely on using their monsters to sit on there head, or once they get shrunk to chibi size, ride big monsters. Doing so gives them access to these abilities. Eventually, you will get items that do give you some of these abilities as long as you equip them, allowing your combat capabilities to be more free instead of being attached to certain Mirages. It’s nothing really all that complex, but it is enjoyable.

    More than the combat though is the writing. The story of the game is really nothing special, so thankfully the little jokes and references keep the players’ attention. The only thing that it suffers from are some odd voice actor choices and often bad lip syncing. If the English dub does bother you, you can switch to Japanese audio. The game is pretty lengthy with all the content in it, especially now that Maxima has even more content than before. And on the Xbox One, the game plays pretty well. It is pretty disappointing that the One is the only version of the game to get a retail release. Maybe if the game does well, Square Enix will consider doing a physical release for the Switch and PS4. The PS4, PC, and Vita versions received an update for this new content, but a new retail SKU would be nice. All in all, World of Final Fantasy is an enjoyable game, but maybe even at the lower price point of $40, it’s a hard sell, since the other versions are cheaper. The game feels more like it belongs in the $20-30 range, so I’d suggest waiting a bit on it.

    World of Final Fantasy Maxima - Review
    While its gameplay and story are nothing to write home about, it still manages to be enjoyable, and the writing is pretty amusing.
    Our Score7
    • The in-jokes and cameo appearances are fun.
    • The game is actually pretty enjoyable once you have an iron clad setup.
    • The game, despite being something more for younger players and beginners, lacks a difficulty mode.
    7Overall Score
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