• Over the last 20 years the Worms franchise has largely remained the same, the core gameplay and ideas. What this tells me is that either the ideas have run out or simply this is a formula that works and the franchise has a solid following. Worms Battlegrounds is the first foray into the Xbox One and whilst it keeps the core ideas the same, the gameplay is fun as well as intuitive. For me the Worms games are best enjoyed with friends and the same can be said here. Single player feels a bit like training until you get some friends round or find them online. Also of note is the fact that this Worms game is a port of Worms Clan Wars which was released on PC last year, is this a good thing? Well it’s not a bad thing let’s put it that way.

    Storywise it’s actually not bad, Katherine Parkinson plays the role of Tara Pinkle who is a member of a historical cult that specializes in stealing rare artifacts. She uses the Worms to take out the various enemies including Mesmer (the villain here) and steal the Stone Carrot. The settings for the levels are museum pieces and each of the levels has a various design and theme. We go from Vikings to Stone Age man and up to the Industrial Revolution. The areas are supposed to be 3D and to some level they are as you can stand on pretty much everything. There are altogether 25 levels in the campaign mode and offer various challenges from puzzles, death matches and a bit of platforming.

    Each level has a different simulation and you could be bunched tighter with your team or be on your own and have to fight the enemy. The gameplay is turn based as ever and its up to you to move your worms into position and unleash all manner of heck onto the enemy worms. To achieve victory you need various classes of worms, these include Scouts, Soldier, Scientist and the tank like Heavy. Each of these has a different use and skill. The heavy, as his name suggests, is slow but is powerful, the Scientist heals and the Soldier is the balanced worm. The different worms do actually feel different and using them correctly is the difference between losing and winning.

    This has bright graphics and they really pop thanks to the Xbox One. However this is by no way pushing the graphical envelope and let’s be honest, when we think of a worms game the graphics are not really what pops to mind. Aside from the 25 campaign levels there are 10 spec opcs which is pretty much training and if you need them they will help, otherwise they are annoying. Weapons are what makes a worms game and there are 65 present here. The Bazooka and Grenades make a return. My favorite is the Winged Monkey which flies around and drops items all over the place. The teleport gun is also a favorite of mine, as you can swing the tide of battle with pretty much one well-placed shot. The best part of Worms Battleground is the multiplayer whether it be local or online. You can take part in death matches or fort matches. These are very similar apart from one having a fort where your worms are safe up to a point. There is also a lot of fun to be had customizing your various worms, team members and classes. There is even the option of changing their voices and there are some bat shit crazy ones.

    For me this is a great addition to the Worms family, the only problems I had was with the dopey enemy AI and the backgrounds which made it look like I had a ledge where I actually did not. Playing multiplayer is where the fun is here and joining a clan with your friends and getting to the top of the boards is where the longevity of this title has been increased. Katherine Parkinson does a great job moving the story forward with some really clever and humorous writing to back her up. The customizations will have you busy for a good while and altogether this is a classic Worms game that is out on the new generation now.

    The above review was completed with code provided by the kind folks over at Xbox.

    Worms Battlegrounds - Review
    The classic Worms formula with the addition of clans and a ton of customization.
    • Lots of fun in multiplayer.
    • 65 crazy weapons ensure a good time is had by all.
    • Silly enemy AI and unclear background differentiation stop this becoming a classic.
    8Overall Score
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