• Just like the perfect match is ruined by few bad movies so is WWE 2K18. The graphics are lovely to look at, the gameplay has been refined and it feels a little tighter but there are still some weird artificial intelligence and odd glitches in the game. There are a lot of good points about this title but sadly a few bad that are really annoying.


    Right away as you drive into the game the first thing that hits you is the overall presentation, it’s bold, clean and crisp. One of the best examples of how good this game looks is the fantastic ring entrances. Most of them are perfect down to the very firework, of course the music is perfect and the character animations and even facial expressions are correct. Some of them are outdated but that’s due to the superstars themselves changing their gimmicks. The graphics as mentioned above are great but some of the superstars look better than others. For example John Cena and The Rock all look as they should, when you look at someone like Apollo Crews you can see a big difference in the faces and overall character presentation. It’s a little bit underwhelming but it’s a good representation of real life where the biggest superstars are given more ring time versus the mid card performers. Speaking about superstars that don’t look correct, the whole of the women’s division and especially the hair looks absolutely ridiculous. Whilst they are in motion the hair looks rigid and basically like chunks of cardboard. Comparing it to last years model however it’s a massive improvement in the graphics department.

    One aspect that has been improved upon is the My Career mode, instead of going through gameplay loops as we had a few years ago, you can now go to the backstage area to set up matches and even talk to other superstars for special hints and quests. Heck they even have Renée Young interviewing you. Whilst on the face of it this is a good addition once you delve a little deeper and you can see that the character creation lacks depth with only minimal options available. Dialogue has never been one of the strong suits all these games and sadly a lot of it has been recycled and some of the responses all the same even if different wrestlers are talking.

    Overall the main aim for My Career mode is to give you that Wrestlemania moment, it’s not all negative however as this mode has a lot of gameplay to it and gives a lot of longevity. Road to glory is the new mode created for 2K18, you take your rest online and fight in matches to get loot boxes, outfits and playing great. Each day different shows and not just types everything up and for you to take a pleasing. What I like about this is that it mirrors what WWE is doing at the moment. It’s a good addition it makes you think you’re one of the wrestlers. Gameplay is much improved from last year, some of the bugs have been ironed out and the matches generally flow in the speed that are authentic to the product. Like previous years your goal is to put on entertainment so using the same moves over and over and get you a low star rating. Finishing manoeuvers with all the superstars look fantastic in every angle however the highflying is still hit and miss as you can still miss your opponent and it looks ridiculous.

    This is a big upgrade on previous games, gameplay has been improving, the graphics look much cleaner (not talking about the females hair) with the new creation to give in and a good experience, if somewhat limited. The road to glory and the universe mode ate good additions but these need to be improved for future games. This is the best wrestling game out of date and fans will love it due to all of the little features available. Casual gamers will also enjoy it as it’s as close as you can get to wrestling without taking a bump.

    WWE 2K18- Review
    Fun wrestling with pretty great entrances
    Our Score7.5
    • Massive roster of performers
    • Core game has been improed a lot.
    • What crazy hair th femail wrestlers have
    7.5Overall Score
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