• Ever since Stardew Valley launched, other game developers have tried to step in to fill in that niche on the 3D side of things. One such developer has stepped in to add their attempt to the pile. What the result of this is seems like something that ends up being more of a zen experience for some, rather than a farming sim with a really good story.

    The game begins with your created character on a ship to travel to a land to solve the issues with a mysterious and dangerous mist overtaking the land. But things go to pot real quick, as you are shipwrecked, and now must gather materials to get back to where you were originally supposed to be, with your magic compass as your guide. Of course, through doing the beginning quests, you’ll be able to break rocks, cut trees, plant seeds, or build and manage a farm. There is a main quest to follow, but due to the fact that clearing the mist means doing exploration for the sprites needed to get rid of it, you’ll likely end up doing more sidequests in the downtime. This might not have been an issue if the game’s story for these side events was interesting, but unfortunately there is no plot development here. These quests not only seem unending, but they are mostly fetch quests.

    The other area where this game falters is in explaining how you are supposed to do things sometimes, like building or crafting. I couldn’t figure it out for awhile, and it’s not like the game has even an e-manual. The lack of good in-game tutorials or reference sections makes me lament the death of manuals in any capacity. The visuals for the game are also simplistic, but this might make it easier to get younger players into the game. It’s a little cute with it’s character models, and lovely with it’s backgrounds, and truly reflects the non-combat gameplay that exists in the game. The music is similarly serviceable and fits the theme of the game. My only issues aside from the ones mentioned above would be more from media failure to properly explain what this game actually was. When I first heard about it, it looked like a fun Zelda-clone, with it’s style obviously inspired by Wind Waker. Only, it’s not a Zelda clone, which is a bit disappointing in of itself for it’s somewhat misleading advertising on the part of it’s visual style, and the various outlets covering it pre-release. What is here is decent, but it could have been a lot better. I wish there were more to this game, but that’s really all there is. Yonder could have been more more substantial, but there’s not much meat on it’s bones.

    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - Review
    A farming sim set in an open-world landscape which could have been more interesting with a good story instead an unending list of useless quests.
    Our Score6.5
    • The simple graphics make it easier for younger players to get into.
    • A big world to explore, but nothing is all that interesting.
    • The game is terrible at explaining how to do things.
    6.5Overall Score
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