• Planet Crashers is set to hit the 3DS later this week via the Nintendo eShop. Players take on the role of one of the youngest and brightest cadets to graduate from the esteemed Planet Crashers Academy.   Your first assignment couldn’t be much bigger…destroy the unknown evil which has emerged from a dark corner of the galaxy before it snuffs out the sun!

    It’s now up to you to venture across the galaxy to prevent this unimaginable catastrophe from happening.

    • Fully explore a massive universe filled with danger and adventure.
    • Battle in dungeons to gain experience points, level-up weapons, and advance to nearby planets.
    • Fully customizable main character –  no two heroes are the same.
    • Strategic turn-based combat mechanics.
    • Play single player off-line or enjoy multi-player mode online

    Planet Crashers will be available for $9.99.  Will you be downloading it off the eShop?

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