• XSeed Games has released some new details about Sumioni: Demon Arts.  Literally translated as “Ink Demon” from Japanese, Sumioni is an action packed platformer that puts players in control of Agura, a mischievous Inkdemon summoned from his long slumber to help vanquish the blight of evil which has enveloped the world.

    Agura will not be alone on his journey, however.  To even the odds, players can tap special icons on the PS Vita’s touchscreen to summon forth ”Inkgods” who will help Agura in his quest.  Once an icon has been tapped, players will need to trace a given shape on the screen, matching both its design and the individual brush strokes used to draw it.  If players can also match the speed of the original painting, the Inkgod’s attacks will be much stronger.

    Yomihi, the beautiful phoenix goddess, has a bold presence and strong personality.  When summoned, her fiery air attacks deal ranged damage to opponents, and are especially well-suited to dealing with bosses.  These air attacks can mean the difference between surviving a particularly hectic battle or falling in defeat.  And when things get a bit grim on the battlefield, Yomihi often lightens the mood with her sunny attitude.

    Shidou, the hearty Foo Dog, is Agura’s other companion.  His energy-blasting ground attacks are as fearsome as his personality, and cause massive damage in addition to his stable of melee attacks.  Shidou’s fearsome force is best deployed against ground-based enemies, and those lacking in agility will suffer severe damage from his barrage of attacks.  His brooding personality stands in contrast to Yomihi’s flamboyance and Agura’s indolence.

    Sumioni: Demon Arts will be released on the North American PSN for Vita on March 20th for $19.99.  The boasts thirty stages and multiple endings.  Will you be downloading Sumioni: Demon Arts?

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