• Video game consoles cannot assist users with stopping smoking or saving cash. However, there are a couple of video games on the market that can assist you in achieving the usual New Year’s resolution to workout. Here is a list of four games that have the potential to become your workout alternative.

    Xbox Fitness

    This is more of an application of software rather than a game. It feels like Microsoft downgraded from the previous ‘Nike+ Kinect Training.’ This version served as part of the Nike+ system and used the Xbox 360’s Kinect accessory. Regardless of the improvements in motion tracking, it still seems like the ‘Xbox Fitness’ went the wrong direction.

    ‘Xbox Fitness’ is mainly a compilation of training videos hosted by famous trainers like Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton, and Jillian Michaels. Their purpose is to fuse Kinect functionality and scoring. Some programs come at no cost with any Xbox Live package while others come with an extra fee. The unstable interface, interactivity, and paywall make this fitness video game rank low. The price of the ‘Xbox Fitness’ varies for the Xbox One console.

    Wii Fit U

    Nintendo initially brought the fitness game genre into existence in 2008 the help of ‘Wii Fit.’ There is currently an updated version of the game that functions in tandem with the classic Wii Balance Board and the latest Fit Meter. A Fit Meter is a round gadget that checks real-world actions like changes in elevation and number of steps taken.

    The portable version of the game removes the stress of having to look up at the television screen. Nonetheless, only a few games put the controller to use along with a new dance option. The content is still virtually the same as before.

    But the latest accessories independently make ‘Wii Fit U’ a more suitable alternative than other fitness devices.

    Just Dance 2019

    Retailing at $39.99, the 2019 version of Just Dance has some unique features to offer. This game relies on rhythm and its title is a reference to Lady Gaga’s song of the same title. The best way you can use this game for a good workout is by boosting your workout with supplements. Steroidsfax address changed, but they still offer high-quality services. Once you’ve taken your pre-workout supplement, you can try combining 10,20,or even 30-minute music flavored exercises. This game offers an exciting way to do some cardio.

    Zumba Fitness: World Party

    Zumba Fitness offers a range of locations to suit your liking. It also features a lineup of Zumba routines led by real-world coaches. The game provides a ridiculously exciting world-tour campaign mode to complete simulated training classes. The broad array of options makes ‘Zumba Fitness: World Party’ the most thorough Zumba fitness game todate. However, the biggest downfall is an underwhelming collectible gimmick. I mean, no one’s interested in getting a headdress picture gifted to them for their dope flowing moves.


    Ultimately, the decision remains yours whether these games are worth it or not, but I do hope this article helps.


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