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    Activision announced today an agreement with Anchor Bay Entertainment to release “10 Minute Solution”, a game based on the popular exercise DVDs.    The game allows players to construct regimens from a wide variety of 10 minute routine blocks, organized into three main categories: cardio boxing, mixed games and aerobics.  10 Minute Solution is designed to captivate fitness enthusiasts and gamers alike with intense routines that play as a game, unlike other fitness games that simply have the player following a trainer on screen.

    “10 Minute Solution DVDs give users a unique fitness experience: customizable routines that fit into any lifestyle,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing.  “We’ve taken this concept and combined it with the interactivity of the Wii, creating a new kind of workout that gets results.”

    “Our legions of 10 Minute Solution DVD users will tell you these simple 10 minute exercises work,” said Julie Cartwright, SVP Marketing at Anchor Bay Entertainment.  “We are ecstatic to be partnering with Activision to do something progressive in the fitness gaming space.”

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