• Atari has just unveiled a new title exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, The Kore Gang.  Developed by Pixonauts, The Kore Gang is an action platformer which follows the exploits of three intrepid adventurers:  Pixie, an acrobatic thrill-seeker who craves excitement; the not-so-agile, MadBoy, who has a big heart and even bigger fists; and, their pal Rex, a tiny and fast chihuahua with a big bark.

    When Manhattan is attacked by the evil subterranean Krank Brothers and their Krank Tank, it is up to Pixie, Madboy and Rex to save the city and ultimately the world.  With the help of the Kore Suit developed by Dr. Samuelson, robotic armor which greatly enhances the wearer’s natural abilities, Pixie Madboy and Rex set out on an adventure to confront the Kranks and end their reign of nastiness.

    Some of the key features for this game include:

    • Explore a vast universe packed with action, puzzles and countless surprises
    • Over 30 levels in six distinct worlds
    • Dozens of different enemies with challenging boss fights
    • Innovative gameplay exclusively designed for the Wii
    • Hilarious off the wall story and characters that will intrigue and entertain
    • Highly original and imaginative art style

    Check out the release trailer below and tell us what you think about the Kore Gang.

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