• Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is now currently available on WiiWare. There areWii Ware big plans for this title on the WiiWare service as there are is the main game as well as eight downloadable episodes coming in the future. The main game itself will cost you 800 Wii Points with the first episode, titled Rydia’s Tale, coming in at 300 Wii points.

    This game is the true sequel to Final Fantasy IV, which appeared on the Super Nintendo, and is enhanced with a multiplayer mode that allows up to four Wii users to join forces in battle. There are combination attacks which allow two or more characters to coordinate commands into a single attack as well. Final Fantasy fans should also be happy to hear that there is original artwork by famed illustrator Yoshitaka Amano and character designs by Akira Oguro.

    In this game seventeen years have passed since the events of Final Fantasy IV and the world has returned to a state of peace. The second moon has left the Blue Planet’s orbit and Damcyan, Eblan and the Village of Mist have been rebuilt. After the Kingdom of Baron came under the rule of Cecil and Rosa, the people of the land rejoiced with the birth of Prince Ceodore. However, the second moon has reappeared in the sky, much closer to the planet than it was years ago, and the Castle of Baron is besieged by monsters. It is now up to Ceodore to unravel the mysterious events befalling the Blue Planet…

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