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    Nintendo of America and Netflix announced today that Netflix will be hitting the Nintendo Wii this Spring.  Netflix on the Wii will run the same as it does on the Playstation 3 with you having to have a disc inside the console to access the service.  The partnership between the two companies will extend the reach of content streamed from Netflix farther then ever before, thanks to the mainstream popularity of the Wii console. 

    “Our research shows that 86 percent of all U.S. Wii consoles are located in the living room,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.  “The Wii console is the social hub around which friends and family members gather to play games and have fun.  Soon both new and longtime Wii owners will enjoy the benefits of Netflix – and a variety of informational and entertainment options – by being Netflix members and connecting their consoles to the Internet.”

    “Our goal is to offer Netflix members as many ways as possible to watch movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix right to their TV’s and to give non-members more and compelling reasons to consider the service,” said Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings.  “Joining forces with Nintendo, which has been so immensely popular with consumers since its introduction, is a very meaningful step in that direction.”

    To enable their systems to stream content from Netflix, Wii owners need a Netflix instant-streaming disc for the Wii console, which will be available at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers.  The free disc looks and operates the same as a disc based Wii game.  Netflix members and Wii console owners can now reserve a free instant-streaming disc by going to www.netflix.com/Wii.  Once available in the Spring, the discs will be delivered for free by first-class mail.

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