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    Konami has announced that Sparkster will make his arrival on XBLA and PSN with Rocket Knight, the latest entry in the classic 2D side-scrolling rocket action series.  Sparkster returns home after 15 years to find the kingdom of Zephyrus in shambles.  Use your wits and Sparkster’s trusty rocket pack to dodge and defeat a menacing wolf army threatening the lives of his people.  Some of the features of this game include:

    • All new levels and challenges – Four exciting new worlds, featuring expansive platform stages and thrilling flight stages
    • Classic rocket action gameplay – Launch and bounce Sparkster through obstacles and enemies that get in his way.  You can ricochet off walls, create a burst vortex to repel enemy bombs right back at them, use burst assist and hover in place to maneuver in air, shoot burst projectiles from Sparkster’s sword to attack distant foes, rocket drill through weak walls and create new passageways, hang from and slide down rails with your prehensile tail
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