• Wii Ware

    New games have hit Nintendo’s online service with two of them heading to Wii Ware and the other heading to the Virtual Console.

    The first game to hit Wii Ware is “You, Me, and Cubes.” Experience a unique combination of strategy and skill as you maintain a level playing field in this physics based action puzzler. The action centers around Fallos, mysterious creatures that resemble humans and have an ability to balance on a playing field of 3-D cubes. First, create a pair of Fallos inside your Wii Remote controller by shaking it up and down. Next, determine suitable places for the Fallos to land, then fling them to the selected cube with a swinging motion. After that, Fallos are on their own. If your placement is sound, the Fallos will remain stable and you’ll clear the stage after tossing a required number onto the cubes. But if the weight or locations of Fallos causes the cubes to tilt and sway too much, the Fallos will lose their balance and fall off. Adding to the challenge, you’ll find that some cubes have different properties, making tosses tricky and further threatening the stability of the Fallos. Guide Fallos through dozens of single player stages or invite family and friends to join you in two player cooperative mode. “You, Me, and the Cubes” is available on Wii Ware for 1,000 Wii points.

    Family Tennis is the second game to hit Wii Ware this week. Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy return for some hard hitting, fast paced tennis action. Battle it out between the happy family members as you vie for the top spot. Choose from three different modes: Elimination Match, Free Match and Thrilling Rally. Play against the CPU or compete with friends. Elimination Match pits you against the CPU to test your skills, while Free Match mode allows you to play against another player under conditions of your choosing. Thrilling Rally mode lets you join up to three other players and rally to see who can get to 100 points first. “Family Tennis” is available on Wii Ware for 500 Wii points.

    The first and only title to hit the Virtual Console this week is “Last Ninja 2” for the Commodore 64. The ninja known as the Mystic Shadow Warriors were the elite fighting force of ninth century feudal Japan. The evil Shogun Kunitoki was once beaten, but he has gathered all his mystic powers to create a modern day tyranny in Manhattan. Face your archenemy Kunitoki in the urban jungle and conquer him with your ninja skills. Transported to 1988 Manhattan by an unknown force, the ninja leader Armakuni must find a way to defend himself against the unknown dangers that lie before him. Will this be the final battle? Can you vanquish the evil Kunitoki once and for all? “Last Ninja 2” is available on the Virtual Console for 500 Wii points.

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