• Wii Ware

    Two games have hit Nintendo’s online service with one of the being for the Virtual Console and the other one being for WiiWare. Continuing on with LucasArts titles, Super Empire Strikes Back is now available on the Virtual Console for 800 Wii points. Pursued across the galaxy, Rebel forces now marshal new strength on the remote ice world of Hoth. Though tracked by probe droids, attacked by ice monsters and confronted by an army of gigantic Imperial Walkers, you must not give in. You are the Alliance’s only hope. Learn the ways of the Force, then test your skills in this fast paced, action packed sequel to the hit game Super Star Wars.

    Mr. Driller W is the latest game to hit the WiiWare service and is available for download for 800 Wii points. Mr. Driller W is the newly updated version of the exciting game that challenges players with level upon level of frantic underground drilling action. Experience more than 20 varied stages and missions. Drill through a seeminly endless onslaught of colored blocks while avoiding falling obstacles and strategically managing your air supply. Multiple degrees of difficulty now challenge everyone from novices to hardcore Mr. Driller veterans. A tutorial will even help first time players learn the rules quickly and easily. Vibrant graphics, engaging game play and loads of characters makes this a modern twist on a gaming masterpiece.

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