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    Focus Home Interactive has released a trailer showing off Trackmania on the Nintendo Wii.  Using your Wiimote and your Nunchuk, your gamepad or your Wii Wheel, drive racing cars at incredible speeds on spectacular tracks full of ramps, loops, turbo boosts, and other crazy track blocks.  Race on more than 200 tracks divided into six environments (for as many types of gameplay), and numerous game modes: race, platform, and even puzzle!

    TrackMania Wii will also offer the beloved track editor that gives the chance to create an infinite number of personal tracks.  Then you can share your craziest creations with your friends on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.  The following multiplayer modes are also included:

    • Hotseat Mode
    • 4 player split screen
    • Online play over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

    Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

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