• Nintendo have revealed their sales numbers for the month of November and it is pretty staggering.  According to the NPD Group, Nintendo sold more than 1.75 million total hardware units in the United States during the month of November.  This includes nearly 910,000 units of portable hardware and more than 845,000 home console units.  November 2012 marks the 36th time that Nintendo has sold more than one million hardware units in one month in the United States since 2004.

    “The groundbreaking Wii U, the continued strength of Nintendo 3DS and the enduring appeal of Wii and DS drove momentum on Black Friday and through November,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.  “Wii U is off to a tremendous start in the United States, is essentially sold out at retail and has cemented its status as the ‘must-have’ product this holiday season.”

    Some specific milestones reached in November include:

    • Wii U – Following its launch on November 18 and with only seven days of sales captured in the data, Wii U sold more than 425,000 units, nearly matching the Wii system’s first-week total of 475,000.  On the software front, New Super Mario Bros U sold more than 243,000 units, an attach rate of nearly 60 percent.
    • Nintendo 3DS – The platform kicked off its second holiday season by selling nearly 540,000 units and has now sold nearly 6.5 million units (U.S) life to date.  Additionally, Mario Kart 7  became the second Nintendo 3DS game to cross two million units sold in the U.S.
    • Wii – In its seventh November, Wii sold 420,000 units and has now sold more than 40 million units in the United States alone.
    • Nintendo DS – In its 97th month overall, Nintendo DS sold more than 370,000 units and will cross 53 million units sold life to date in the next few days.

    All of this information is from the NPD Group’s November report, which covers the period of October 28 through November 24 and is for the United States only.  What do you think about the Wii U?  Do you have a 3DS?  Tell us what you think below.

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