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    Capcom has announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be hitting WiiWare next week on January 11th.  This is the original court adventure that started it all and made Phoenix Wright one of the most celebrated characters in the Capcom universe.  Players will collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails.  Present evidence with the wave of the Wii remote or press suspicious testimonies by wiggling it.  These games can be played via single-player and has multiple save slots.

    The story kicks off with Phoenix Wright defending his childhood friend Larry Butz from a murder charge.  But this is only the beginning drama for the tenacious legal eagle as Wright faces unexpected tragedies that will test the limits of his incredible deductive prowess.  In May, owners of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be able to download the bonus episode that appeared in the original DS version of the game for only 100 Wii points. 

    Additionally, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is getting a playable DS demo in a few weeks.  It will be available for download on the Nintendo Channel on the Wii.  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be available on WiiWare for 1,000 Wii points.

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