• Get those mics in hand and put on your parachute pants, its time for We Sing 80’s.  Nordic games have given us another We Sing title and this time it is covered in eye liner. This title allows four singers at the same time, as well as 30 hits from the 80’s that will bring it all back for you. Of course all the videos are present as ever and there are even singing lessons to help the note challenged among us. You can add effects to your voice and sound just like Cher or suffer the embarrassment of admitting you know the words to a Human League song.

    As soon as this game starts you are taken back in time to the crazy 80’s, you remember what you were doing back then, right? I do and its not pretty. There are of course many modes on offer and these can be played in solo or party mode. Solo play gives you the option to sing by yourself or be a part of a duet. You can get lessons which are based on the typical note scale which is  a pretty nice way to learn what pitch corresponds to where and what note. Although it is probably best you play this by yourself so no one actually sees you practicing to sing. There is also the Karaoke mode that lets you sing the song as you want but with no score or performance bars to make you look bad. You get the song, lyrics and away you go. The jukebox is your home to all the songs in the game, just pick a song, sit back and enjoy the cheesy 80’s video.

    The party mode is where this game shines, We Sing is for 2-4 players and you can sing tighter as a certain artist or different parts of the song. If you choose to play as different singers two bars will come up and things get a bit messy on the screen. Versus is head to head mode where you all sing the lyrics on screen and the winner is the person who hit the most notes. First to X mode is simply that, the person that gets to X points first wins. Pass the mic is particularly interesting as you only need one mic, you just pass it around and the scores each player gets is added to the final tally. Blind mode is pretty cool, as you begin to sing the song, but then the lyrics and sound disappear and all you have is your voice and the shocked look of the people around you for company.

    There is a lot of game here and the track list reads like a hall of fame for the 80’s. Songs include: ‘Rio’, ‘Rhythm of the night’, ‘I should be so lucky’ and ‘Smooth operator’ along with many more.  Now tell me honestly you don’t already want to go on Youtube and find these videos? The graphics are not great buts it’s a singing game and when has a singing game really had great graphics? This is all about fun and in multiplayer mode this really is a great amount of fun. Having your friends around and to be able to laugh at them as they sing is priceless. Some of your friends will take it seriously whilst some maybe fueled on alcohol and completely go nuts. Either way a great time will be had by all. The videos all look great and add a lot to the game.  There are some issues with the Wiimote and USB mic sometimes but these are few and far between.

    We Sing 80’s brings a lot of fun to the music table, it allows for people of all ages to play, sing and look silly together. The menus are easily accessible and let you get what you want quickly. The song selection is actually very good as all of them are sure to strike a chord with you. The graphics are a bit iffy but all together we don’t mind that as this is a very fun game. Nordic games seems to have found a nice series of games here and I look forward to the next installment. May I suggest We Sing Kiss the band?

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Very fun to play with others.
    • Great track list, gives you a real nice feeling inside.
    • Graphics are nothing to write home about, some minor sensor issues.



    An addictive singing game, surprisingly fun and a great addition to any party planner.

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    • Format: Wii
    • Developer: Nordic Games
    • Publisher: Nordic Games


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