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    Activision recently unveiled that they will be releasing a game based on the ABC show, Wipeout.  Wipeout: The Game challenges fans to master speed, balance, and precision to overcome the world’s largest obstacle course while enduring the inevitable hilarious falls, sometimes at the hands of your friends and family.  Four players can compete at the same time, even allowing players to hurl objects at and taunt their opponents.  The game features everything that people like about the ABC show, including commentary from the show’s hosts, including commentary from the show’s hosts, John Anderson, John Henson and co-host Jill Wagner.  Players will have to run, jump and dodge all of Wipeout’s various obstacles, including the brutal Sucker Punch, the beloved Big Balls, and the insanely difficult Sweeper.

    “For the past 2 summers, ABC’s Wipeout has continued to splash its way into the homes of millions of American families.  We are excited to partner with Activision to bring family-friendly, laugh-out-loud fun into people’s living rooms in a whole new way,” says Mia Rondinella, Vice President of Business Planning & Development, ABC Entertainment Group.  “Wipeout: The Game will provide fans with their own chance to run the obstacles, take on the Big Red Balls and challenge family and friends – all while the hosts provide a fun-filled color commentary.”

    “We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with Activision, one of the best producers of cutting edge video games in the world,” said David Goldberg, Chairman of Endemol North America.  “From day one, we believed that Wipeout’s action oriented, comedic sensibility lent itself perfectly to the video game genre and it’s very exciting to see our ambition realized.  Now, the countless fans who express their interest in running the Wipeout course will get their chance and they’ll even be able to do so minus, the mud, foam, colored paint, cold water in the comfort of their homes.”

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