• It’s an incredibly fast moving market and with constant innovation, fierce competition and technological breakthroughs the gaming industry continues to grow, move and evolve at an astonishing rate. With new developments constantly coming to the market, developers are constantly racing to reach audiences first with their newest devices and more immersive experiences; creating an always ongoing stream of exciting gaming trends that continue to shape the way in which we game.

    Here are just some of the expected gaming trends to land and develop even further in 2017.



    2016 was the year that was being constantly touted as the “year of virtual reality” and whilst for the most part that was true it wasn’t exactly a well marketed trend. Due to the arguably extortionate costs of these specialised VR devices, and with the gaming industry focusing more and more on cost effective ways to provide their customer base with affordable games, it was always going to be a difficult push for this technology to make real waves so quickly.


    VR devices ranged from the high-end Oculus Rift to the more cost-effective yet throwaway-able Google Cardboard solution. Samsung have the Samsung Gear and Sony unveiled PlayStation VR.


    2017 will see further developments in the actual VR content provided for owners meaning that the experiences can truly become all the more immersive. Even augmented reality will get a bit of a reboot this year with the highly anticipated release of Microsoft’s Hololens.



    Mobile gaming continues to thrive and with even more innovative smartphone and tablets expected in 2017 it’s bound to be another great year for the mobile gaming industry.

    It’s an industry that has pushed its way unexpectedly into the market and quite literally changed the way in which millions of players around the world now prefer to game.


    It has helped the marketplace open its doors to a wider reaching audience of gamers as well as appeal to new gamers, and create new ways for gaming developers to drive revenue and publish more independently. This site as well as a multitude of other casino-themed sites and portals will also continue to find success in 2017 as more gamers and gamblers begin to switch to the convenience of mobile-based gaming.



    The console industry has been struggling somewhat, mostly due to the rise of the mobile gaming market, however the industry as a whole has had to recognise the need to evolve and so will this year prove that consoles can still lead the industry. With VR gaming on the rise and new and more immersive devices to look forward to can the next generation of consoles still compete? Whilst the new Nintendo Switch has been met with mixed reactions many console fans are excited to see just what Microsoft can do with their next flagship console Project Scorpio.


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