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    Well folks it’s finally here, it’s finally time to get our hands on the beta for Halo 5 Guardians. Now I know what you’re thinking, this is just another Halo? Well yes and no, this is bigger, bolder, prettier and far more detailed. This is the first original Halo game for the Xbox One, from the beta I can tell you that 343 have really changed the ball game here. The changes are seen immediately as when you zoom to aim down the sights, now like all other shooters chief looks down the sights and the screen does not go to a zoomed version as seen through the helmet.

    One aspect of the Halo universe I didn’t like what the slow movement, Halo 4 addressed this but Halo 5 is much better. Thanks to the handy dandy jet pack on your Spartan’s back. Now this is nothing new to modern day FPS but to the Halo universe its news. Hit B and you get a nice little dash in a direction of your choice, incredibly useful for dodging, one thing I didn’t like is when you jump and zoom your Spartan slowly down like Neo but this makes you a sitting duck and pretty silly in my view.

    3rd of January saw the first new content update, Breakout mode was born. This is basically two teams of 5 Vs 5 in a detach match battle system. This is pretty cool and I enjoyed it, this however is nothing new in the FPS arena see Far Cry 4 for an example. I did like the intro and outro to each mission as we see our team kitted out in tactical gear and ready to go. The commentator is also a pretty cool tool used here as it tells everyone what is going on. For example 5 V 3, 5 V 2 and last man standing.


    The various maps are also very well done. Regret is restricted to the Slayer matches, it’s an outdoor arena which has some cool tunnels and bridges. There is a central point where players must try to control and altogether is really tough to do this. What do you get if you control the center? Power weapons of course, like the Hydra. Graphics in Halo 5 are delightful, the battles are very well shown off thanks to the vistas and their impact. Halo 4 gave us a bland colour palette in which a cold feel was detected. Here however bold colours and an almost painting like feel is sensed.

    Beta means there will be bugs, but I can report not very many of these bugs. The Kill cam is odd and has a few glitches as to where it’s showing. Some ragdoll issues with the Spartans and a few instances of texture popping. Altogether though they represent a very small amount of issues and I am very excited to see what the future brings. If this beta is anything to go by then the full retail release for Halo 5 will be epic and one I really can’t wait for.

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