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Tower of Guns- Review

Doom, Quake and Hexen these are the names that roll off the tongue when one thinks of 90’s FPS. Simple gameplay mechanics, lots of bullets and big huge bosses. This is pretty much the basis of Tower of Guns,...
8TotallyGN Score

Hand of Fate – Review

I’m a huge fan of card games and have recently reviewed the Magic the Gathering and found it delightful. One thing I criticised the game for was the lack of creativity and not implementing anything...
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#IDARB – Review

Pixel games are everywhere, the Minecraft revolution is wild and flowing. #IDARB is the idea of Mike Mika, originally beginning life as a tweet and after input from fans is now a blossoming football type game....
9.5TotallyGN Score

GTA V – Review

It seems all the rage to give older games a new HD gloss and re-release them on the new generation of consoles. Is that what Rockstar have done with GTA V? Well actually no. The great game that was released...
9.3TotallyGN Score

Far Cry 4 – Review

Vintage porn, I searched a guy I just killed and found on his person one vintage porn. This is the level of fun that Far Cry 4 has to offer. Birth control, spoons, statues, pens, anything you can think of you...