7.5Totally Gaming Score

Riptide GP Renegade- Review

Racing on the water has not been something gamers have done for a while, but after playing Riptide on phones the next stage was to move to consoles. That’s exactly what we have here, the first console outing...
9Totally Gaming Score

Final Fantasy XV- Review

Is this the game we have been waiting for? Is Final Fantasy XV the one fans have been waiting for? In part I would say yes this is. On the other hand there have been some changes in the core gameplay that some...
9Totally Gaming Score

Dishonored 2- Review

Four years ago Arkane studios gave us the first Dishonored game, it was a game that gave gamers want they wanted, choice. We had the ability to do what we wanted, use stealth, weapons, spells and abilities...
8.5Totally Gaming Score

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2- Review

The first Dragon Ball Xenoverse came out in 2015 and I was amazed by the storytelling, graphics and the fun I had. So much content came out for this that kept me busy for ages after that. I was happy when they...