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DOOM- Review

Quake, DOOM and Wolfenstein. These are names that any gamer will know and if your old as hell like me then you will have played the very first incarnations of these titles. Wolfenstein was released to...
Raiden V
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Raiden V – Review

Raiden is an STG series that has lasted a very long time, 25 years in fact. While the West has received most of them, there were a few that took several years to make it across the sea. Considering how the...
8.5Totally Gaming Score

The Solus Project- Review

We are humanities last hope, Earth is gone and all that remain is a caravan of space ships looking for a planet to call home and rebuild. The Solus project is the last surviving missions, we land on a...
9Totally Gaming Score

DiRT rally- Review

Codemaster Racing really know how to do a good driving game, DiRT Rally is a joy to drive and to a spectacular graphical feat that runs of near constant 60 frames per second. The PC crowd got this a while...
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MXGP2- Review

A motocross game is a tricky thing to get right, you need the correct balance between realism and fun. There must be a steady learning curve and a few interesting modes as well as great graphics and...