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#IDARB – Review

Pixel games are everywhere, the Minecraft revolution is wild and flowing. #IDARB is the idea of Mike Mika, originally beginning life as a tweet and after input from fans is now a blossoming football type game....
9.5TotallyGN Score

GTA V – Review

It seems all the rage to give older games a new HD gloss and re-release them on the new generation of consoles. Is that what Rockstar have done with GTA V? Well actually no. The great game that was released...
9.3TotallyGN Score

Far Cry 4 – Review

Vintage porn, I searched a guy I just killed and found on his person one vintage porn. This is the level of fun that Far Cry 4 has to offer. Birth control, spoons, statues, pens, anything you can think of you...
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The Wolf Among Us – Review

The guys at Telltale Games know how to write a story that’s for sure, especially after the brilliance that was “The Walking Dead” title. The Wolf Among Us sees us play the role of the big bad wolf from...
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PES 2015 – Review

How long has FIFA been in charge? It’s a weird question to ask but back in the day PES was the king of football sims, then came FIFA with official licenses and player likenesses and everything went out the...