7TotallyGN score

Another World – Review

This is a remake of the old school game called Out of this World released 1991. This was possibly one of the first ever platform games that mixed in action and adventure. It has a very simple control scheme in...
6.5TotallyGN score

Zombie Driver – Review

Cars, zombies, the apocalypse and blood. These are the tools that Zombie Driver uses to get gamers hooked. This is another title on the ID@Xbox brand and again I am very surprised by this. The average gamer is...
7.5TotallyGN score

EA Sports UFC – Review

I have been watching mixed martial arts for a very long time, I have also been playing the Undisputed UFC games since they came out. Sadly due to the closure of THQ a new sponsor and new design teams were...
9TotallyGN score

Sniper Elite 3 – Review

I have been a sniper ever since the Quake days. I used to snipe from a distance but with a rocket launcher. These days my tool of choice is a scoped rifle, much more silent and infinitely more accurate. Sniper...
8.8TotallyGN score

Outlast – Review

Not since the old school Silent Hill games have I felt this much tension from a survival horror game. Walking slowly into a dark corridor, my camcorders batteries have ran out, I’m slowly looking around a...