6.9TotallyGN Score

Alien Isolation – Review

A good Alien game is like a good Alien film, you have to dig beneath the surface to find it. Even after 20 hours of digging we found ourselves in the same place as the first 3 hours. Hiding in a locker waiting...
7TotallyGN Score

DiveKick – Review

Once in a while a game arrives that is so ridiculous it’s good. Divekick is one such game where the basic premise is you dive and then kick your opponent. There are only two controls in this game, which is...
8TotallyGN Score

Destiny – Review

The Destiny Beta gave me a slice of the pizza, left me asking for more. Now that Destiny is out I am gorging myself on the full pie and boy is it tasty. Gameplay, graphically and multiplayer are all very well...
Metro Redux

Metro Redux – Review

Decades after a nuclear strike on Moscow, the survivors populate the underground. There are mutants, giant spiders and a unknown alien force at work. We play as Artyom who unknowingly will go about missions...
7TotallyGN score

Another World – Review

This is a remake of the old school game called Out of this World released 1991. This was possibly one of the first ever platform games that mixed in action and adventure. It has a very simple control scheme in...