9.5Totally Gaming Score

Fallout 4- Review

My scratch has been itched, since Fallout 3 I have been waiting and waiting. Fallout 4 is amazing, incredible and all other words you use to describe something which is special. The first outing for the series...
9Totally Gaming Score

Guitar Hero Live- Review

Everybody knows the guitar hero franchise, it’s been going for so many years I lost count. Been released on every platform from consoles to handhelds to mobile phones. It’s pretty much the bench mark for...
7.5Totally Gaming Score

Transformers Devastation- Review

I have grown up with these robots in disguise, I even own an original Optimus Prime figure from the 80’s. Basically I’m trying to convey the fact that I’m old enough to have watched all the transformers...
8Totally Gaming Score

Blood Bowl 2- Review

I have grown up with the Warhammer miniatures around my house. I use to paint them and sometimes actually play with against others in the table top form they were made for. I have played a lot of video games...
9.5Totally Gaming Score

Forza Motorsport 6- Review

460 cars, that’s the absurd amount that the garage can hold, from this statement its clear to see that Forza Motorsport 6 is not messing around. The beauty, the handling, the weather conditions and the...
8.5Totally Gaming Score

Batman: Arkham Knight- review

So this is the final Batman game from the guys over at Rocksteady? If so, it’s a fitting ending as they have bought the combat back up, some good character interactions and the graphics are very pretty and...