8TotallyGN Score

Costume Quest 2 – Review

The trick or treaters are back and we find that the evil dentist is at it again using a magical clock to stop trick or treating. Our young heroes are sent in time to stop the dentist and get back the art of...
9TotallyGN Score

Pure Pool – Review

Playing pool with my friends is a great thing, fun, affordable and highly competitive. These are also the words I would use to describe Pure Pool on the Xbox One. The instant impact this title makes is that...
8.5TotallyGN Score

NBA 2K15 – Review

How can you make a great game better? This is the simple question that the 2K designers ask one another on a year by year basis. It’s a tough task but somehow they keep doing it year after year. NBA 2K15 has...
6.9TotallyGN Score

Alien Isolation – Review

A good Alien game is like a good Alien film, you have to dig beneath the surface to find it. Even after 20 hours of digging we found ourselves in the same place as the first 3 hours. Hiding in a locker waiting...
7TotallyGN Score

DiveKick – Review

Once in a while a game arrives that is so ridiculous it’s good. Divekick is one such game where the basic premise is you dive and then kick your opponent. There are only two controls in this game, which is...