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    So you own a Xbox One? You want a way to charge your controllers in a fast, wireless and hassle free way? Then you can do no wrong using the TWINDOCK charging system from Speedlink. It holds two controllers at the same time and works perfectly, every time. Simply push your controller into the housing system and it charges. So any downsides? Well no not really. It’s a simple device that does its job perfectly well.

    In the box you get the docking system, two NiMH batteries (2x 1,200 mAh) which give up to 10 hours of gaming goodness and the AC adapter. The docking system itself is solid but very light, it’s of a high build quality and thanks to the rubber feet it never slides. The controllers simply slot it and everything works fine. This not only works as a charging station but after they are charged you have a safe place to keep the controllers when you’re not using them.


    The cable length is 1.5M so you can plug it and move the docking system to a good position on the desk. This simply does what it’s meant to do, charges two controllers efficiently and without messing around. At the price its currently at I can highly recommend it and so far I have not been able to find any faults with it. Give the TWINDOCK charging system a chance and it will not disappoint you.

    TWINDOCK Xbox One charging system- Review
    A simple device that does its job perfectly
    Our Score: TWINDOCK charging system10
    • Fast, intuitive and very easy to use
    • Won’t slide around desk thanks to rubber feet
    10Overall Score
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