• The first stage of the inaugural Overwatch League comes to an end this weekend, with what can only be described as a successful start to the season so far.

    Not only has the idea of City based teams worked and worked well, but the push for mainstream acceptance has to an extent also played out, with many public events showing live coverage of the games across the globe, along with esports betting in 2018 also set to reach dizzying heights.

    Stage one has already featured plenty of breathtaking plays and some controversy too, with the Dallas Fuel Overwatch esport team at the heart of many issues. However, in terms of the league and results, we could be in for quite a finish, as the top two sides – the London Spitfires (7-1) and New York Excelsior (7-1) are due to meet in the final week’s showdowns before the play-offs and these are the team to back.

    Behind the leading two, there are five teams fighting to be in the Stage One play-offs and battle for a share of the $125,000 prize pool. Team Seoul Dynasty hold a single win advantage over the rest and its a credit to the events organisers that we have seven Overwatch teams battling for supremacy in the first part of the season.

    It’s not all champagne and roses for some teams though, with the Shanghai Dragons losing all eight matches to date, while Dallas Fuel and Florida Mayhem have just a single win to their names.

    This week should be a showstopper and with plenty more to come over the next five months, the Overwatch League can only get bigger and better and it looks like it’s here to stay.

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